"Who let the dogs in?" Well it's just me being silly...

Hello all of you! It feels so good being here and have been here for a week or so now. So much to see and do. Meeting new people and a few hot pups (just kidding)! This is the place I've dreamed about for years. As a closeted atheist it was near impossible to come to grips with other people religious ideas.

The Jehovah's Witnesses used to come to my door regularly. Was it because I was a black female, single parent? All the kids in the neighborhood would come to my house to learn new things and I guess they just wanted to know why they were so excited to be at my house. Kids find that they love it when adults shoot from the hip and not sugar coat the garbage they know is full of it (hot air).

So I guess they had to come and try to indoctrinate me and my kids, not! I told them that my father was a minister and that I knew the bible fairly well. So I asked them is it true that Cain killed Abel and was sent east of Eden into the land of nod "where he knew" his wife? Then where did she come from if there was only Adam and Eve, with two kids? Was she his sister? That was in 1984 and to this day have seen several of them and they are no longer witnesses for Jehovah!

Logic has served me well in the face of the religious and that includes my own family who really think of me as the weird duck, they can't call me the black sheep hahahaha so they avoid me at all costs. My aunt would say she is too smart for her own good!
No, not smart common sense and logical thinking is all I needed to defeat religion with the bible itself!!

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Congrats on deprogramming your visiters! Be happy!




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