As you're suffering a decade hence, because climate chaos has taken over, thank Russia and conservative billionaires.

Russia did the original Climategate hack.

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CLIMATEGATE Email Hacking was Carried out FROM RUSSIA In an Effort ...

In 2009, the publication of emails stolen from the UK’s University of East Anglia made headlines across the world. It sparked a scandal dubbed “Climategate” by global warming skeptics. To this day, some critics see the emails as evidence of a conspiracy to dupe the public into believing in human-caused climate change.

Multiple investigations cleared the scientists of wrongdoing, but the false allegations proved enduring. Donald Trump publicly called on world leaders to tackle global warming just prior to the “Climategate” affair, but became skeptical of climate change after the story broke.

The stolen emails were released to the public in 2009 and 2011, each timed around a major climate summit. Both times, the “Climategate” hackers uploaded their findings to what were ostensibly public file-sharing services that could have been used by anyone. In reality, they were obscure Russian websites with public file sharing functions.

The revelations that in 2016, Russia carried out the theft and release of emails of the Democratic National Convention have increased concerns over foreign influence in Western democratic processes.

Meanwhile, a billion dollars per year feeds institutionalized climate denial.

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Meet the Money Behind The Climate Denial Movement

… the 91 think tanks and advocacy organizations and trade associations that make up the American climate denial industry pull down just shy of a billion dollars each year, money used to lobby or sway public opinion on climate change and other issues.

“The anti-climate effort has been largely underwritten by conservative billionaires,” ..., “often working through secretive funding networks. They have displaced corporations ..."

"... the movement itself is that it has two real roots. One is in the conservative movement itself, in that you see a lot of conservative foundations that had been funding the growth of the conservative movement all along now appear as funding the climate countermovement. You also can see dedicated industry foundations that come in to start funding the climate countermovement."

That billion dollars was skimmed by charging you more for purchases. Such dark money is often tax free, because it's "philanthropy".

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Just think, that money could have gone instead towards actually preparing for a sustainable, thriving future society on this limited planet!

Also reminds me of this cartoon:

At a Climate Summit, a speaker is expounding on a list of points: energy independence, preserve rainforests, sustainability, green jobs, livable cities, renewables, clean water and air, healthy children, etc., etc. A heckler in the massive audience asks, 'What if it's a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?'




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