One of the accusations atheists hear is that we pick on Christianity but, out of some misplaced notions about multiculturalism, political correctness or fear, we give Islam a free pass. That's simply not true. We don't believe in Allah any more than we believe in Jehovah... or Zeus, for that matter. And certainly there's plenty to criticize the adherents of Islam about; particularly their often violent reaction to criticism. If we criticize Christianity more frequently, it has more to do with our greater familiarity with the subject than our fear of being victims of Islamic-inspired terrorism. We are, as someone points out in the video below, equal opportunity blasphemers...

Some proof is here.


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Yeah, islam is as silly as christianity.  Probably more so with their willingness to take to violence over being offended.  Get some thicker skin.
Although Christianity is the pet peeve of most atheists either because they live among Christians or b/c they are ex-Christians, most atheists also dislike Islam. I do think that some are more considerate of how they criticize Islam, careful to say that not all Muslims are like the fundamentalists, etc, where I haven't seen so many disclaimers with Christianity, and some are more likely to defend Islam somewhat (for example, many defended the burqa and the WTC area mosque.) No atheists have made Christianity into a race either. I've seen more all-out bashings of Christianity than I have with Islam. And there is a small minority among atheists of what I call "Islamic enablers".

I defended the mosque in Manhattan for the same reason I defend the Westboro Baptist Church.  It is their first amendment right.  I don't like that there is a mosque in Manhattan and I don't like that the WBC protests military funerals, but they are within their rights.

Fair enough.




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