via the blog,  - always a great source for following jesus wackadoodlism - Vote For Jesus!

One of the commenters notes, someone who would vote for "Jesus" probably would not vote for Obama, so would presumably not be a vote for Rmoney.  Maybe so.

(, while a gay news site, is also highly entertaining for the many posts about christian craziness and right wing creepiness.  I read it daily)

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I've seen bumper stickers that say this.


I'd consider voting for Jesus, but only after I see the long form, certified copy, of his birth certificate. I mean, they guy that raised him wasn't even his father, his father wasn't an American, but rather dwelled in the middle east. Jesus, for all we know, lived in Palestine for his first thirty years.  We don't even know anything about those first 30 years.  Was he influenced by Arabs? Come to think of it, his father is the god of Muslims!  Hey, wait a minute!!! This is starting to sound all too familiar. We need some loyal Tea Party-ers to check this guy out before making any rash decisions!

Pat, excellent point!  I didn't think of the need for a birth certificate!  Maybe if it's the blue-eyed blonde Jesus - which is how we know he was holy, having been born of a pre-diaspora Jewish mother - no birth certificate is needed?

Blue-eyed blonde Jesus. Well, there are those with a different point of view. Here's an illustration from the Ethiopian text, the Kebra Nagast. Or, "The Glory of Kings." It depicts Jesus leading Adam out of hell. 'Ole JC doesn't look so blue-eyed or blonde to his African believers. Then again, I doubt you'll see this particular illustration in Joel Osteen's or Rick Warren's money sucking mega churches. Looks to much like the President (sans beard).

THAT Jesus would need to show his birth certificate.  One can never be too careful!




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