Who would you vote for, Pat Tillman's stinking corpse, or the hypocritical John McCain?

"just make no mistake about it, he wanted me to say this, he's not with God, he's f***ing dead...Thanks for your thoughts, but he's f***ing dead"

This was an excerpt from Kevin Tillman's eulogy to his brother Pat Tillman (the former NFL star who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan). An interview with Kevin and the eulogy video can be seen in this clip with Bill Maher.

This eulogy followed John McCain's statement saying "You will see Pat again when a loving God reunites us all with our loved ones."


I'd vote for Pat Tillmans stinking corpse vs a nutjub jesus lovers like McCain any day of the week.

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I'd go for Pat Tillmans corpse over McCain! I'd even vote for Rich Tillman, that guy is awesome!
Any of the Tillman's would be preferable to McCain.
Richard is such a badass.
Richard is not too bad on the eyes either.
Eight fkn' years of that crap and now they're bitter?
I digress. It's proof that religion has no place in the military. Nor our taxes.




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