I personally prefer Ron Paul but unfortunately he gave up. But know I have no choice but to choose Obama. What about you?

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Can't vote for Romney or Obama. I'm going to vote 3rd party or not at all. I'm starting to lookup candidates. My first is Jill Stein. She is on the ballot in 40 states > http://www.jillstein.org/cnn_poll_shows_green_party_s_jill_stein_cl... .. Don't want to sit on the sidelines anymore. I think i can relate to Gary Johnson more. He's on the ballot in all states > http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/

I'm divided on Ron Paul. On some issues, I find he's the only politician I could not agree with more. On some issues, I could not disagree with him more.

I don't even understand Romney's platform. I feel he's all over the place. First, he showed a glimmer of leadership when he reinstated that campaign adviser who turned out to be gay. He was right that people should be judged by their capacity and not private issues. But then he attacked Obama on a bunch of private issues, and now chose Paul Ryan as his VP -- and Paul Ryan is a guy I could not stand behind.

Obama, on the other hand, was supposed to be the level-minded guy, except now he's attacking Romney on a bunch of irrelevant issues like Bain. I consider Romney's stint with Bain a fair success despite all the negative spin. I also feel Obama was somewhat of a pushover; he tried too hard to take the high road and politics is anything but honorable.

So I don't know. If I had to choose, it would be Obama. But I frankly couldn't give a shit about any of these guys.

I would seriously consider voting Green -- a friend is -- but I keep remembering the 2000 election and the Supreme Court.  The Obama of 2008 was the first Presidential candidate since Kennedy that I wanted to vote for, instead of just against the other guy.  But then Obama compromised all the way over to the Right, and adopted many of Bush II's worst policies.  I'll vote for him, but without enthusiasm.

I will NOT vote for Romney OR Obama. Neither one of those clowns reflects me and I don't subscribe to the 'lesser of two evils' approach.

I will pick a third party candidate (Ron Paul would have been a potential) and vote that way. If I don't vote, it's merely apathy, if I do vote for one of the republicrats, they won by making me desperate. Voting for a third party is the best way of saying 'none of the above' and having my statement visible to the party bosses.

Best pragmatic outcome (of likely choices) is an Obama win, but Congress split right down the middle. Any time one party or another gets control, freedom is at stake.
"I would seriously consider voting Green -- a friend is -- but I keep remembering the 2000 election and the Supreme Court. "

And if you voted Green, that would have changed? What?

"But then Obama compromised all the way over to the Right, and adopted many of Bush II's worst policies."

So he sold you out, and you STILL are intimidated into voting for him. This is the kind of voter timidity that the party bosses count on (and apparently it works)

jay H, if you define "intimidated" as "far more scared of one outcome than the other," then yes.  And I fail to see how protest voting for a third party and thereby installing the far worse of the two evils accomplishes anything.  And I said "many" of the worst policies; by no means all.  Not enough difference, but some.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 79.

Anthony Kennedy is 76.

Stephen Breyer is 74.

Many important Supreme Court decisions in recent years have been 5-4. Replacing just one retiring justice could take the court dramatically backwards (as if Citizens United wasn't bad enough... it could get far worse. Goodbye, Roe v. Wade?).

I do not want to give Mitt Romney that power.

Right on, Cat.  This is my biggest fear of a Romney takeover.

Great point Cat. I had considered third party, but where does that vote go if they lose?

While I am concerned that Obama is too close to Wall Street with Geithner at Treasury and Larry Summers advising him on economic policies, I find Romney and Ryan so deceitful and wrong-headed that I can only vote for Obama. Much of what Obama has done is good and with a little more cooperation from the House Republicans, he could do even better.

Obama! I can be uber cynical about him and everybody and thing dealing with the US government BUT I have to work with what we got, I feel by not doing anything is just a contribution to the unstabilization of the country. I worry about the very real idea of the US government collapsing, why should the US be any different/special then other countries? I want real answers not cop-outs.

I will be voting against Obama. His domestic policy is hurting the private sector middle class and moving us closer to a financial meltdown that will make the last one look tame in comparison. And his foreign policy is blowing up in the Middle East. He shuns our allies, but embraces those who are not our friends (Russia, for example - "Tell Vladimir I will be more flexible after this pesky election"). Otherwise I think he has been a GREAT president, and he has done an especially good job mending fences with the celebrity crowd. I was concerned that many were threatening to leave the country.  

What I really do not understand though, is the apparent hypocrisy by the "intellectual" elites on the subject of torture vs. drone assassination. Water boarding a handful of captured terrorists was supposed to be the great moral crime of this generation, but hardly a peep when we drop hundred(s) of predator drone bombs on people, including American citizens, and killing who knows how many innocents along the way. Not even a discussion. Do you think it could be a small part of the reason everyone in the Middle East (well 80% anyway) hates America ? Why has the percentage that hate us gone up under Obama ? What about the incessant gloating over the Bin Laden assassination ?  John Kerry at the convention - "Ask Bin Laden if he is better off now than four years ago?". Very funny. I am sure they are still laughing about that one in the Middle East. Just wait till the movie of the Bin Laden assassnation comes out in December.

I apologize for the rant, just frustrated with the direction our country is heading.





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