Whoa, atheistsocial and 'causes' group getting active! massive replies etc.. in forums

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another lead:
well so far interesting from EDA group page:


Ellen Lundgren about 5 hours ago

I can no longer accept those who call me evil or wrong simply because I don't believe in their god(s). I am as good as any religious person can be.

Sherron Collins about 5 hours ago

It's time to tell the world that I've reached the end of my spiritual journey--and I'm a good person who knows many more good Atheist people.

Laura Aubill 8 days ago

I know what it's like to be called evil and a bad person to my face for simply not believing. It's made me defensive and depressed. No more.

Zlatka Naydenova about 1 month ago

Everybody should be allowed the freedom to decide whether they worship a fairy tale creature or succumb to the beauty of reason!

Karen Allmond 2 months ago

Being rational is freedom!

Odaii Bitar 3 months ago

It's because being an individual is admirable

Maria 3 months ago

I want all religios education out of schools and kindergardens. Teach ethics not fairy-tales to children!

Klaas Chielens 3 months ago

An atheist believes in people, not in a god.

Mixel Kiemen 3 months ago

Atheist requires to be emancipated, it is wrong to call it non-believers and anti-religious. You can still believe in people and feel connected, don't reduce atheist to emotionless robots.


Hitchens had a great question, and i can't remember the exact wording, but he asked "what moral action can a xtian do that an atheist can't?" I get a kick out of seeing the confusion on people's faces when they can't understand how such a good person is an atheist: Ricky Gervais, Barry Manilow, Billy Joel, Angelina Jolie. I hear our local xtian nut on talk radio saying stuff like "oh no, not angelina", because he has a crush on her.

that jesus drug is a heartbreaker aye? (((((crickets))))) ; )
indeed damian, point taken
now about the scientologist creepy connection in hlwd; that cult trips me out!?
but UK judge did rule them as 'dangerous cult'... it's as if documentaries are the prime hated tool of freethinkers or secular ? journalists... peace!




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