whoa! FOREST HILL TX 33m crashes car into church/bludgeons pastor dead.. w/guitar!?


was there a trying to replace the actual possible 'state' tax funded solution to mental illness w/faith based.. or .. wow~


Known for its community outreach, the church has a food pantry, a clothing ministry and a scholarship program for students.
“I’ve never heard anything that could be scandalous about him and I’m praying that’s not the case now,” said Jerline Harvey, a former Forest Hill councilwoman and community leader. “He walked every morning singing and praying. He’d sit out in front of his church every morning. He was always at the church.”
Hundreds of people, many inconsolable church members, went Monday to Greater Sweethome to express their grief. Many gathered at the Forest Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church next door, where Dennis and several pastors sought to reassure them.
“God has a way of working through this,” said the Rev. Emanuel White Sr. of The Church of Christ in Forest Hill. “We may not know how yet, but he can use this for his kingdom.”
A few hours later, another man urged the congregants to pray for Kirk’s family but not to bombard them with texts and phone calls.
Lewis, who had known Kirk for more than 30 years, said that the pastor and his wife were still grieving over the loss several years ago of their 6-year-old daughter and had named the church’s new educational wing after her. Lewis said his friend once told him that the hardest thing he had ever done “was preach his baby’s funeral.”
Greater Sweethome member Pamela Thomas, who joined in 2005, said she will always remember Kirk as a man who always preached “the true gospel.”
“He was my shepherd, my leader, a true man of God,” she said.

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