Why a European Academic Funding Organization need to know my religion?

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good question.  Why indeed

The short answer is: they DON'T.  The somewhat longer answer is: it's traditional / habit / what they've done for too long, so why not continue doing so?  What they fail to recognize is that there is a change in paradigm going on which will upset more than a couple apple carts, even in Europe.

Part of the problem now is the new administration in the US and its association with christianity and related antipathy toward both Islam and atheism.  That has the potential to make life more difficult for all of us.  At the same time, however, the ham-fisted manner with which they have prosecuted their policies to date has drawn a lot of undesired attention, which will make accomplishing their goals a lot more difficult than they might have been otherwise.  Things are liable to get more than a little crazy, and when they do, to misquote from Jefferson Airplane, we'll want to remember what the dormouse said:

"Keep your head."




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