Without death penalty, prisons would be overloaded. Criminals would be released to make room for new criminals and many of these criminals who were sentenced for life for murdering or raping someone would be roaming the streets where you live. lots of tax money is wasted on these criminals, people who plan to murder would have nothing to fear since they are guaranteed they won't get any harsh punishment and that would increase the crime rate. And the planet is already over populated, so why not get rid of the rotten apples?

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You think life in prison is nothing to fear? And you think murder itself is so easily done? Would you kill if you had nothing to fear? Would you really go in for the kill that easily? To say you like the death penalty is to say you like to kill people. Many on death row have even proven innocent... after the sentence was carried out. Does this make you feel good?

Prison population is based on money, not crime. They get paid by the head count, and the more prison they have, the more head counts they get. The more money. Crime rates are not what result in crowded prisons. Corrupt governors pull those strings.

Death is probably better than life in prison. A lot of inmates off themselves to avoid a life long sentence. Many also get killed. The thing is, when you take it upon yourself to say we should kill those who deserve it, you are saying you yourself are willing to end a human life. Checking the box that says yes places your finger on that trigger. It makes me question how far along we are in our evolution.
I'm for it. Far too many idiots in current society are quick to react with violence without even as much as a second's forethought. Maybe capital punishment isn't an 'affective deterrent' but the LAST thing we need to do is become more lenient on violent crime, nowadays. (Well, not counting victimless crimes, which should be done away with.)

Some of these people are not capable of 'rehab', but are let out of 'life sentences' early on parole for 'good behavior'. ONLY after learning to be better criminals and having networked. At least the penalty ensures that overly optimistic idealists will not "free" some animal who has no business being let back into society. It's closure and security.
Have you read many of the previous posts on here Brad? After reading those that dismantle the claims for any benefit from the death penalty, with evidence to show that it doesn't affect the incidence of violent crime and that innocents are killed, would you still want to be the person responsible for deciding that the life of a person you don't know or understand is extinguished, just to try to tidy things up a bit?!
We Texans have something amazing. We have two types of "life sentences." One is life where you have the possibility of parole after 40 years, and another: life without the possibility of parole.
That's the reason for life without parole -- it means what it implies and it's not irreversible in the case of wrongful convictions.
If a person is wrongly convicted they aren't paroled they are pardoned and the conviction is expunged from their record.
And they get hundreds of thousands of dollars compensation if they've been there a while...
I think the idea that the government has the power to end lives is something that people don't want. It's the concept of the thing. It makes people think about distopian future novels...

Also, there are cases where someone didn't commit a crime, and end up on death row for it. It's not a hugely common occurrence, but there are over 170 proven cases of that, one can only imagine the unproven innocent prisoners out there.

As for population, I'm not sure the difference it would make, but here in Utah, they released several prisoners because the jails were overcrowded. That... is no good.
I consider myself "pro death". I'm pro-choice on abortion, support the death penalty, and believe that suicide should not only be legal, but that we as a society should stop guilt tripping and demonizing it. Let people do what they want with their own lives, as long as it doesn't affect anyone else.
Suicide always effects someone else, it's the worst thing you can do to someone who loves you.
I agree, its very rare to find someone with no family and friends at all. And even then, it's likely strangers will be sad to hear of it.
True Maggie and Jezzy. And, as a volunteer telephone counsellor, I can testify to the many people who have been ready to end their lives but changed their minds when they had the chance to get through that phase and re-establish the meaning in their lives that made them want to live on. Noah, if you're talking euthanasia then there's some merit to not "demonising it", but to let someone end their life when they're depressed, grief-stricken, feeling hopeless etc because they deserve the choice? Man, you have a lot to learn about psychology.



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