Atheists are normally considered bad people. DO atheists necessarily do bad things because of their unbelief in eternal punishment?

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The clergy are big fans of the True/False format, not so much for the essay questions.
I had a short talk with a Satanist on You Tube. He claimed atheism was a religion, and didn't like me calling him a fucked up Christian. Satan was a Christian creation after all...
Perhaps, but not to the degree, and sadistic art of the Christians!
Mr. Black, I think you might be wrong. In the Jewish tradition, satan basically had no significant role to play. It was only in the New Testament that he came to have a prominent role. Additionally, satan meant "advesary" (which I know you know), but was not necessarily an anthropromorphic being. Best source for history on this stuff are the books by Jeffrey Burton Russell.
Yes, thanks for that clarification. However, what is interesting about the Book of Job is the role that Satan plays almost as an emissary of God, in that he is holding conversation with him, appearing before him, and the like. I think (and I'm not an expert) that he did not take on his current Arch-Fiend/Antichrist role until the New Testament. It was here that he gained most of his power and influence in the world.
I'm not so sure. Wasn't he, at least in some interpretations, really sent out by God to tempt mankind? Seems to me I have come across that interpretation somewhere, but it has been a long time.

But don't you agree that he really takes on his truly diabolical role in the NT?
waaaaaaaaaaa. I'm confused.

lol. very good point though.
I like Satanism, especially the aesthetics and iconography of it. It is a powerful symbol, and one need not believe in an anthropromorphic Satan to be a Satanist. However, I have had some contact with Satanists, and they are often unreasonable people, and in many ways, much like the xtians they hate so much. They can by hypocritical, and will fight amongst themselves as to who is a "true Satanist" and who is a "poseur"; basically just like the xtians do. Disappointing, really. However, they were human before they were Satanists, so they have all the same human flaws and shortcomings, though many would not admit it.
I'm not sure that I understand the intent of your reply. Are you being sarcastic?

What I mean is that in my dealings with them, I began to see a lot of similarities between them and the xtians they hated, like the in-fighting about who was a "true Satanist". I'm not trying to stereotype, or even suggest they are all like that, because they aren't. It is just that they are human, and easily fall prey to the same human flaws, like we all do, such as self-deception, lack of perspective, inflated ego, etc.
No, the ones I have dealt with were not theists. Satan was a symbol to them, not a being. I think the Temple of Set worships him as a real being though, but the Church of Satan does not. I have had no dealings with the ToS. However, the two do fight amonst themselves, and Michael Aquino, who used to be in the CoS, left and founded the ToS. Anton LaVey's daughter left the CoS as well, and went to the ToS. I assume you may already know all this?
I dont think an atheist can fathom doing something as evil as a religious person unless learned by one. The things people do in the name of God or for money is preposterous. If we didn't know or have either could you fathom what people would be like though?
Absolutely not. I am finding them to be very considerate, thoughtful, accepting, and kind people. People usually only do bad things when they are 1.) Crazy, 2.) Power hungry, 3.) Think God is on their side, or 4.) All of the above.




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