Atheists are normally considered bad people. DO atheists necessarily do bad things because of their unbelief in eternal punishment?

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Straight from the horse's mouth:

The Christian delights in the death of a pagan, because thereby Christ himself is glorified.
-- St. Bernard of Clairvaux
Why would the death of a person glorify Christ?
This makes no sense.
Isen't one of the ten commandments something about killing,or is that just killing jews?
Some narrow minded theists are complete idiots. They assume that if you don't worship god you automatically worship satan. They can't seem to grasp the concept that atheist means "I don't believe in gods" which also means "I don't believe in satan--so why would I worship him?".

But of course we don't do bad things because of our lack of belief in eternal punishment. That's nothing more than a stereotype. The sheer number of crimes committed by "good Christians" is enough to show that fear of eternal punishment does nothing. Furthermore the comparatively low crime rates and high quality of living in nations like Denmark and Sweden (which are quite non-theistic vs. the US) put to rest the notion that people need "the fear of God" to keep them in line.
research both sides? bugger that they are both crazy we dont debate santist so why bother reading about them?

yes satanist worship the darker parts of man but read the OT in the bible and remove all the praising of god and replace god with the name satan and you wont be able to tell the diffrence between the two concepts satan fits in just perfectly with gods personality in the OT (does god have a split personality or what? well he is aid to be atleast 3 beings already why not the devil as well).
dam i was only joking around with the first bit at the top
I don't know the exact stat, but I am pretty sure that less than 1% of all prisoners in American prisons are Atheists. Most prisoners are proclaimed believers in God. That is kind of telling.
I do think atheists frighten most religious people. After all, someone who is deeply religious will have been taught since birth to believe that morality doesn't exist without a religious basis, and (although they may not admit it), they likely believe that humans only behave properly because they fear God, or an afterlife in Hell, or what have you. The concept that you can be moral without being religious is alien to them. And for some reason, when one of their fellow believers does something bad, this is interpreted as proof that people should strive to be MORE religious, and not (as I believe) evidence that religion isn't necessarily the solution to all of life's problems. The idea that some people are evil yet religious is as scary to them as the idea that some people are good yet atheist, and they shut their eyes and ears to both possibilities.
From a Christian's point of view, maybe it's that whole ""He who is not with me is against me..." (Matt. 12:30) mentality? So, in their eyes, if we don't support Jesus/God then we must support Satan, right?
Frankly, I don't believe in either.

I personally don't think atheists do bad things because of an unbelief in eternal punishment. On the contrary, after reading an article about how crime rates in atheists communities are actually lower, I wonder if religious peoples are more "bad" because they think they have "salvation" and some supposed divine forgiveness to fall back on?
Very interesting. Thanks for the link.
most of the time the people that say atheists are bad people are judgmental religious fanatics , or just uninformed loud mouths that love to impress other uninformed loud mouths , o ya and you can be sure there god fearing christian or fanatical Muslims , in every debate I've ever had the religious always manage to attempt to insult or degrade me and call me names, lol , i laugh it off so don't get upset if you are called bad names you know where is coming from .

ooooooooh me spell good , dohhhhh.
In my experience Christians regard Atheists as egoists who worship themselves.

As if believing some all powerful sky wizard pays close attention to every minute detail of your life and gets sad when you ignore him isn't egocentric!



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