I'll comprimise. I don't like the term entirely, but it'll do. Just like there are pro-gun-rights and pro-gambling-rights (and there used to be pro-slavery-rights).

Is it just for the sake of disagreeing with the religious? Is it because they see being anti-abortion-rights as being a strictly religious viewpoint? Are anti-abortion-rights atheists worried about fitting in? Is it just a coincidence?

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I agree, I personally pro-choice. Its all about freethinking and not imposing one's will or morals on others.
In a prior thread, Christopher said that Pro Choice was a euphemism for pro abortion. But for it to be a euphemism, they would really have to be the same definition, which is not the case.

Choice is often understood that not giving the choice has less desirable consequence. But as GuanoLoca pointed out pro choice people are not pro abortion. I would be against an abortion if say the pregnancy is five months in, there is no threat to the womans health, and the prospect for the child's health are good, plus there is no reason to believe that she will be ostracized, then I think most of us, though I won't say I speak for all pro choice people, are largely in agreement that an abortion should take place. Even then, the government needs to be heavily restricted from not allowing it, but not necessarily altogether.

But if the woman is young, not confident of her ability to to raise the child, and doesn't wish to be ostracized, which is most likely going to come from socially conservative areas, then she must be given the right to have the choice. The more restrictions, such as requiring parental consent, only defeats the purpose, as they may already have poor judgment such as restricting, or not discussing birth control, or being indifferent to the fact that the woman has been raped.

The best way to stop abortion and government intrusion is to teach birth control in public schools, and make the information available without parental consent.
I always wonder why schools can teach you, essentially, HOW to have sex, but are forbidden to teach anything about contraception...
I think its because in general Atheists are just very supportive of freedom. And of course, they're listening to their own conscience and not the will of any organized faith.

I don't like abortion (who LIKES abortion?) but I can deal with it before the fetus has a consciousness, or can breathe, has a heartbeat, etc. I mean, its not my business up until the point that it's "murder".

When abortion is approved, its generally only legal in the first 3 months though, ne? Who could go much longer without realizing they were pregnant...?

The religious argument is basically that God chooses when you have kids. Never mind the fact that you choose when you have sex, and obviously the likelihood of conceiving is based on things like how often you have sex, what time of the month, and how fertile you are. Every time a woman menstruates she's releasing an egg. That egg could have been a child, only it wasn't fertilized. And when that egg IS fertilized, it isn't instantly a living baby. I don't think any Christian faith is to the point of trying to save every egg, so ... what's the difference?

Stuff like partial-birth abortion is what scares me. You pull the baby out, all but the head, jam scissors into its skull, and suck out its brains with a suction catheter so it dies. And this is usually done after the first 20 weeks or so. . .
Abortion is not a privacy issue if the unborn child is a person, because nothing that has a victim is private; there's a reason abusive parents can't claim "privacy rights" over domestic violence.

Let's try this again...
This explains a lot - http://tinyurl.com/6hogmq

So Christopher, you spend an awful lot of time on http://www.prolifeamerica.com as -

Executive Member
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It is interesting to note when going through your posts there, that an awful lot of what you've chosen to "enlighten" us with here in our forum is little more than copy'n'paste collage of your previous ravings on prolifeamerica. A lot was taken from the link above. Much, much more can be found under your profile's links to your other posts.

This has cleared things up - you are not here to "discuss" anything. You're here to preach. To stand on a soap box and shout everyone that disagrees with you down. Whatever your claim to atheism may be is irrelevant - one thing you are not is a freethinker. You are a fundamentalist preacher, your church is pro-life. Your sig provides a nice summary -

~A pro-life, liberal atheist
Don't pray/fast. Take action.

"When you're right, you can never be too radical."-MLK
"... morality cannot be legislated, behavior can be regulated ... the law cannot change the heart ... it can restrain the heartless"-MLK

Your not going to leave us alone are you ? How many other sites do you bespatter with your garbage ?
Yes, Christopher is not interested in discussion. Also the term liberal, as are center and conservative really have no true description to ones politics. It is a wishy washy definition to try to make one seem credible without real credentials of where they really are coming from.

One thing that is plainly obvious, is that Christopher Peter Robinson is a man, who does not relate to the experience of women and has no empathy. Just an empty ideological dogma who is clearly has time on his hands.

Christopher, if you really want to be pro life, work to stop the war, fight greed, advocate birth control and population reduction, and reduction of the human footprint of this world. Because you aren't saving lives by stopping abortion rights, your just displacing the problem.
Thanks for the info Felch - I was beginning to think we were dealing with another 'Antonett'. Which, in essence, your sleuthing seems to have confirmed.

I know I'm not alone in giving you a huge Thank You for alerting the A/N community to these types. You rock!
No problem - its a pleasure actually. I'm hoping its just holiday stupidity and not a general steady increase. Still feel its just scratching the surface. There's another loon on the loose in the chatroom at the moment, Haltensie. A christian Goth vampire freak who claims to have deconverted to atheism, but still wants a death bed baptism "just in case". I shit you not. Luckily, he's leaving the forum here alone (for now). Here is the kind of thing he posts elsewhere -


Note the I ♥ Jesus under his name. Yes we have confirmed its one and the same person. If you ever bump into him, just call him Steve, it spooks him. He lives in suburban Raleigh NC. I'm kinda growing fond of his dumbness. Kinda like a big dumb labrador that's been hit by a car and never been the same since - just spends its days drooling in the yard, walking in circles and barking at things that aren't there. He seems to stick his head in the door around 9-10pm New York time daily, denying everything he said the day before, then saying it all over again.
Again, thanks for the (hilarious) heads up.

I just don't understand what some people get out of joining sites and doing what amounts to poking the bear. It seems like such a juvenile exercise in attention getting.

As much as I loath religion, I have no inclination, whatsoever, to join a religious site and then taunt them or use subversive tactics to prove some agenda...but I guess, in their eyes atheists make good targets...go figure.
The more I think about it (he was actually in chat ~ the time you posted. Chatroom was empty), I just think he's just off his meds and not sure where he is.

I forgot to mention his habit of creating imaginary friends - new people pop up when he's around with accounts that are 3 minutes old that tell us we're treating him unfairly. When that doesn't work, he storms of in a huff because we're too dumb to understand him.

As much as I loath religion, I have no inclination, whatsoever, to join a religious site and then taunt them or use subversive tactics to prove some agenda...

Why ? One word. You are civilised. Make that two - and literate.
wow, amusing...i hope i run into this one, but then again, maybe not.



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