I'll comprimise. I don't like the term entirely, but it'll do. Just like there are pro-gun-rights and pro-gambling-rights (and there used to be pro-slavery-rights).

Is it just for the sake of disagreeing with the religious? Is it because they see being anti-abortion-rights as being a strictly religious viewpoint? Are anti-abortion-rights atheists worried about fitting in? Is it just a coincidence?

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And just how is that unborn child supposed to express his/her feelings on the matter?

In the time period that abortion is legal in the US the "child" has no conscientious thought. The "child" is not yet a human being. It is a developing fetus. Weather the fundys, or any other anti-choice people like it that is the fact. It has no feelings on the subject.
The reason is simple. Atheists are generally agreed that humans do not have immortal souls which exist from the time of egg fertilization or earlier. From this follows a question of when a fertilized egg becomes a human and abortion rights.

It's the idea of souls which is the problem.
And once reproductive choices get limited, even commonly used birth control prescriptions and devices become demonized as "abortion". Any control of human eggs and human sperm become "against God's will" and defined as evil and sinful. I remember going to a baseball game 2 years ago and a man had a t-shirt with large letters stating: The Pill is Abortion. The far right conservative segment of religious belief will not abide women or men controlling their own parenthood...every sperm is sacred.

I think the pro-abortion label is a sorry attempt to discredit people that want to privately control their own reproductive futures...I would argue that very few people are supportive of abortion anytime, anyplace, with no restrictions, in an attempt to somehow increase the medical practice to be as common as wart removal. I think most people make the link that better birth control options will reduce the instances of abortion. Fewer abortions would be a GOOD thing...planned pregnancies are a GOOD thing. People who don't want children should not be punished or forced to be parents when we have the technology to safely control it from happening in the first place!
Human life is practically worthless after its born, what does it matter if it's killed before birth?
it's personal, no religion can dictate in America what state a woman chooses her future
not even men in regards to their woman
face it
equal rights
equal penalties
I'm jumping in a bit late, but I really struggle with abortion. I got pregnant as a 17 year old in high school (yes I was on bc, and yes it failed) and kept the baby. I'm quite glad I did as I now have a awesome daughter.

I disagree with the terminology and labels that it gets too. Pro-life could also be phrased as "the supporters of the liberty of the fetus/baby that can't give informed consent to be aborted". Although fetus is indeed the correct term to use, how many people would ask a pregnant woman who wanted to be pregnant "is your fetus kicking"... I know I would say "baby" in that situation.

One of my concerns is with where exactly to draw the line for when it becomes not okay to abort anymore. I think we can agree that a newborn is just as much a person the second before it comes out of the birth canal as it is the second after. Hence, birth is not where the line should be drawn in my opinion. Once you draw that line you say that fetuses before that point are not entitled to the right to life, and all fetus after that point are (with the exception of life or death situations, which could be labeled justifiable homicides).

One thing that has always bugged me about abortion is fetal homicide laws. Should a guy who punches a pregnant woman in the stomach and causes her to miscarry be guilty of only assault and battery to her, or should there be extra penalties because she was pregnant? What if the pregnant woman didn't want to be pregnant anyways? Should the penalties for the attacker be different for the same actions based on the woman's desire, or lack thereof to be pregnant? Is the damage inflicted (miscarriage/abortion) to the fetus more more of a crime than damage to any other clump of cells in the woman's body? If so we have to assign a certain value to a fetus that is somewhere between a clump of cells and a person.

I'm also bothered by the concept of "I'm only okay with abortion as an option in rape/incest situations". That implies that fetuses developed to a certain point have a right to life unless it was conceived in a particular manner that the fetus had no control over, even though it is developed to the same point that a fetus conceived via consensual sex is.
I agree there are reasonable arguments on the limits to abortion. Unfortunately, the entire debate has become an article of "faith"for the religious. A secular debate on the issue of abortion is not possible under the pall of religious doctrine.
The original Row v. Wade decision restricted abortion to the first 2 trimesters with exceptions in which the mother life or health was in jeopardy - attested to by doctors.
is your fetus kicking"... I know I would say "baby" in that situation.
Up until the 20th century a woman wasn't considered pregnant until there was a "quickening" in other words when the fetus begin noticeable movement - usual kicking.
Interesting....that almost sounds like a biblical term. Burn on theists?
You bring up a good point about fetal homicide laws. I think causing someone to miscarry has more of a penalty, and killing a pregnant woman is an aggravating factor. In my opinion this should be punished more, because it causing a miscarriage is an added harm. The assaulter took away the woman's choice in the matter. Basically a fetus could be viewed as property of the mother and since it is in her body I say that only she can make that decision. An fetus/unborn baby can also be willed an estate.

There is also something called "criminal abortion" in which a person causes miscarriage due to reckless behavior. The example I read about was a girl who miscarried while attempting suicide.

The "rape exception" is totally illogical. First of all it would require some judge to get into a woman's business and interrogate her. Rape victims have enough problems and enough difficulty coming forward. This would also cause a lot of people to lie about being raped in order to have an abortion. I think even Jane Roe did this. One reason rape victims don't come forward is b/c they're afraid that people won't believe them, and having an atmosphere that encourages women to lie will just discourage women from coming forward. So it is impractical.

Also, why is rape/incest an exception? Because of the woman or child having trauma? It's not the only scenario in which the woman or child could have trauma from being forced to have a kid. If a person makes rape or incest an exception, they're admitting that the quality of life is also important, and not just the quantity. Mainly, I think rape is an exception for some people b/c the woman didn't have sex by choice, therefore she's not "guilty" and deserving of the "punishment" of pregnancy.
This is just like Gaza, it'll never end. Most of these people don't even know what their arguements are anymore.
I feel that the one thing we are missing in this whole argument is how preventable a pregnancy is these days. More emphasis should be put on make responsible health choices in the first place. Like responsible drinking, responsible driving, responsible sun protection, ie- responsible sex. Obvesously then, the cases for which abortion may be considered are perhaps more clear, when birth control fails or rape. In which case, we are also lucky to be able to determine when a woman is pregnant very early on. Why would you carry a baby for 5 or 6 months then decide to get rid of it? (unless of course for whatever reason the mother's or fetus's life is in jeapordy)Often the decision to abort a pregnancy is made (or should be made) very early on. In which case, things like late-term abortions just seem to me like a scare tactic of the christian right.




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