I'll comprimise. I don't like the term entirely, but it'll do. Just like there are pro-gun-rights and pro-gambling-rights (and there used to be pro-slavery-rights).

Is it just for the sake of disagreeing with the religious? Is it because they see being anti-abortion-rights as being a strictly religious viewpoint? Are anti-abortion-rights atheists worried about fitting in? Is it just a coincidence?

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I have a couple of comments:

//taking a life is horrid no matter when, how, or what circumstances.//

That is quite a statement. Do you support self-defense laws? Do you support the individual's right to NOT consent to any use of their body, and once explicit non-consent is present, do you support that person's right to separate from that which is using their body?

Very clearly, there are circumstances in which taking a life is both morally and legally acceptable/permissible.

While, I would support your right to form your own opinions regarding when you would choose to defend against use of your body, I do not support those opinions being forced onto others. Your ideas surrounding this idea (that to kill is wrong) should absolutely help you make your own decisions if placed in the position of having to defend yourself. However, your moral ideologies are only relevant for yourself. They have no bearing on whether or not another person is *required* to make the same decisions as you would make.

// there needs to be an honest debate as to when "life" begins//

Why? When "life" begins is actually rather irrelevant. You are a life. As a life, do you have the right to use another person's body against their explicit non-consent?

//but either way i think terminating viable life simply out of preference is horrid.//

All self-defense falls into this category. Should we eliminate all self-defense? OR, should we recognize that an individuals right to their body (ie. their right to consent or not consent to the use of their body) should be held above another's right to just about anything?
Dusty! HERE! HERE!
I'm just going to quote Tarquin b/c he sums up my opinion on the matter PERFECTLY!
"I believe abortion is a purely medical issue between doctor and patient..The decision rests belong to the woman ALONE. It should not even be a legal or political issue. The opposing arguments are based on religious doctrine and personal moral views, not science."

This is a small example of why I love A/N.
Holy crap everything about anti-abortionists piss me off.
It's not just cause it's a concept brought on by religious assholes, but because it takes away one our most important civil rights through guilt. If life begins at conception then when does it end? After our body has decomposed? It's not like we have conciousness when we haven't even grown all our limbs yet, and even if we do no one remembers that anyway. If I found out my mom had wanted to abort me I would've yelled at her about not having done it. I like being alive, don't get me wrong but she would've had a much better life if she hadn't had kids at 19, and whatever kids she might have had later probably would've had a better life.
In my opinion, people need to have more abortions.
Hey CH do you know Thompson's Violinist Anaology by chance?
I know I am for abortion rights because:
1. We have over 7 billion people in the world. The more people we have the more deforstation will have to take place. Then there will be more trash, and more pollution then there was before. In my opinion we need less people, and more enviromently aware people.
2. I believe any couple/women should be allowed to decide their/her future. If the decesion rests with what to do with a fetus then they should be allowed to do whatever they want.
If they want to keep it let them. If they want to give it up for adoption, let them. If they want to abort it, let them.
because theyre more reasonable than theists.




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