I'll comprimise. I don't like the term entirely, but it'll do. Just like there are pro-gun-rights and pro-gambling-rights (and there used to be pro-slavery-rights).

Is it just for the sake of disagreeing with the religious? Is it because they see being anti-abortion-rights as being a strictly religious viewpoint? Are anti-abortion-rights atheists worried about fitting in? Is it just a coincidence?

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Foetuses are more tender.
Depends upon whether you beat the midgets before you barbecue them, and how long the deadpuppies have been out in the weather.
Hey, this is painful for me... I was raped by midgets, fetuses and puppies when I was in the joint!... It was then that I became a baby hating atheist.
My apologies Rusty, no intent to increase your injury. :X

I'm glad you were able to come back from the precipice!!!

Let me just say in closing; midget, fetus, deadpuppies.

Suddenly, I miss Thanksgiving ... hmmmm.
It's pro-women's rights.
Fibrotic cysts the size of baseballs can cause serious damage to the mother and fetus's development to guarantee a deformed or stillborn birth... hence the need for free screening of women that may want to conceive. Not sure if they can even break free from work though nowdays...

And why would a child that's raped be forced to have what they don't understand in the first place?

There's so many circumstances... I for one am pro-woman's-choice. The man is but a vessel.
Forever people will be pro 'life' but bomb the crap outta women and children, riddle me that.
It's outta my league to come up with that answer as to why but sure enough I'll expose that.

this is America. Not the vatican. Nor Adolf Palin's nation for that matter.
Enough exploitation of private issues to go around, profitable too in regards to the phobic utlra right wing racist types...

remember Dr. Tiller. He was a good man, as much as they painted him as some superhuman demon from the depths of anti-christ hell or what have ya in that drama

RIP doc, you gave dignity to many people.
it's a mad modern world for some out there... eh?
I am pro abortion rights b/c I am a woman and I don't want to have children. Children have a better life if their parents wanted them and chose to have them. When I think of a society in which women are forced to carry every fetus to term, I think of poverty, orphans, psychological problems (from people's parents not wanting them) overcrowding and more environmental destruction. (This picture doesn't include women dying and getting sick from illegal abortions--because making abortion illegal doesn't stop it, just makes it more dangerous.) World population is too high and in my view is the root of all other environmental problems. I want all species of life to continue and the planet in general to be sustainable to life--isn't that pro life? Populations can't expand infinitely; eventually there is something that stops the growth. In the case of humans, it would be destroying our own planet and running out of room, which would be terrible for everyone involved. It's sentimental to want people to not have abortions but in reality not every life is possible.

I don't care about going against everything that is Christian. I never was a Christian so I don't have that much of a personal feeling about Christianity. I don't think anti-abortion atheists care about fitting in either. I've come across many who were pretty upfront about it, but regardless they are the minority. I don't have a problem with someone who personally believes abortion is wrong, but that's very different from wanting to ban it.
I'm not pro abortion,nor is any atheist I know. I'm pro choice,which is not the same thing.

My view has nothing to with the personal superstitions of others. My position: a foetus is not a person until is viable ex uteru. The decision whether to carry a foetus to terms is the female's, period.

I consider views to the contrary unprovable assertions (I reject the notion of the soul) based on religious beliefs. Other people may believe what they like,but they may not impose their superstitions on me or the rest of society. They do so because they can.

I do not approve of abortion in lieu of contraception because I think it's probably bad for the long term health of the female,compared with most contraceptive measures. From what I understand,the safest contraceptive method for a female is a male having a vasectomy.
Abortion issue is more than choice and right issues. It is also an issue of taking meaning of life differently. Yes we athiest take life in accordance with the knowledge of the day. It is issue of conflict with the religious because they rely on knowledge of people of thousands of years ago. Conflict is there, but it is not for the conflict sake, it arises out of the issue.
"It is also an issue of taking meaning of life differently. Yes we athiest take life in accordance with the knowledge of the day"

There is such group as 'we atheists'.

"The meaning of life"? Do you mean the notion of life generally ? (eg a tree has life) Or human life?

I do not recogsie a foetus as a human being until it is viablel ex utero. My view is the purpose of all life is itself. I think it may have been Franz Kafka who observed "The point of life is that it ends'"

Of course I'm aware my view is a smidge unromantic and not univerersally accepted. :o)
Complete separate genome= biologically separate and viable entity. From a biologist's perspective, abortion is, indeed, murder. A blastocyst meets all biological requirements for (new and separate) life.
The term murder is applicable for death at what level?
At ALL levels. I know we are tallking about abortion here, but when you kill someone in war it is not called murder, it is justified, ( even in an unjustified war) If you put someone to death for a crime, it is not murder. it is all perpective.




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