The most frequent posters on this website are so over-liberal. Not that politics has much to do with the fact that there is no god and religion is non-sense.

In general:

Liberals hate the second amendment of the United States constitution, the right to own firearms. Now I am Jewish according to heritage, and what do you want me to do when the nazis or the ku klux klan (or anybody) break into my home?

Liberals like to create victims. They whine and complain that there are so many poor people. So rather than find a way to put them to work, they would rather steel from productive people and give it to the unproductive poor people so they can continue to not work.

Global warming or climate change is imaginary. The average world temperature has not risen enough to make any difference, and the earth always heals itself. I am against air pollution as much as anybody else and the world is not going to turn into hell any time soon.

As for discussions about the confederate flag, I don't necessarily care whether it is displayed or not, and what about jim crow laws and prejudice against black people in the North? A flag is merely a piece of fabric until you check the owners pulse and give them a lie detector test, you don't know what kind of person they are. Just suddenly replacing one piece of fabric with a different piece of fabric with a different design doesn't mean whoever displays the new fabric with the new design has the attitudes you want them to have, is not prejudiced against some people, and so on.

I'm a more of a libertarian conservative than the typical republican dogma, and a small government conservative.

Everything that can at all possibly be handled by private organizations should be handled by private organizations and not the government.

Abortion is fine with me.

I'm fine with homosexuals getting married in the sense that I don't want to be prejudiced against homosexuals. From my viewpoint as a typical person, marriage shouldn't exist because it was invented in order for religions to make you have to get permission from the religion before you engage in man-woman relationship behavior because the religion wants you to have children and teach your children your religion. And you shouldn't have to get permission from a government before you engage in a man-woman relationship and the government shouldn't be prejudice against homosexuals and there shouldn't be such a thing as benefits you get after you get a piece of paper that says you are married that you can't just get without a piece of paper that says you are married. A lot of atheists still think about man-woman relationships like religious people do.

Liberals hate capitalism. They despise people who do work and make a lot more money than them. The more money rich people pay in taxes, the less money they have left to hire people. Have you ever worked for a poor person? All taxes are theft or extortion.

I'm sure there are more ways liberals want to screw up society but I think this is enough for one discussion.

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Gerald, you understand America's political labels better then I understand those in the UK.

Michael, I don't hate the 2nd Amendment, but I think the absolutism which currently seems to surround it has virtually nothing to do with reality.  I wrote the following some time back, but I continue to stand behind it as a truism:

When the Second Amendment was penned, it took a skilled rifleman roughly 90 seconds to fire his weapon, reload it, and fire again. If he had two such weapons, his fire rate might be slightly faster, but he ultimately still ran into that same issue of reloading. Certainly that weapon was deadly, but its lethality as regards more than one target was highly limited. A modern-day submachine gun, by comparison, can accomplish that same process in roughly 60 milliseconds (for a fire rate of 1,000 rounds per minute), and even a semi-automatic weapon achieves fire rates which so outstrip that of the Minutemen of the American Revolution that a comparison would be ridiculous. The lethality is increased by orders of magnitude, yet the NRA continues to treat the right to bear arms as unmodifiable under any circumstances.

As to capitalism, I have no problem with it so long as it recognizes the potential for money to supplant the voting power of the individual, as the Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions have made possible. Certainly, the profit motive is a powerful one and one which has helped to make the US stand apart among nations, but when the rich become so empowered that they can overrun the rights and desires of others by the mere presence of their wealth, I have a serious problem.

I'm not about creating victims; I'm about recognizing wrongs done and applying correction. I'm about the rights of the people - ALL the people. I'm a liberal and I'm an atheist, and I don't blink when I say either.

Loren, I forgot to include the potential for money to influence elections. Thanks for reminding me. I like, again, the 2nd Amendment statement!. 

I especially like "I'm about recognizing wrongs done and applying correction. "

Speaking of the absurd absolutism that Libertarians apply to the second amendment, I know a couple of Libertarians of the anarcho-capitalist variety (which I think Michael more or less is, on most issues) who find no problem with private ownership of missile launchers, anti-aircraft missiles, and nuclear weapons, with no regulation by the state or anyone.  Anyone who can't see how the right to bear arms might not cover that sort of thing isn't really trying, and once you comprehend that there is a line, you should understand that we should figure out where that line should be drawn for the benefit of society as a whole ... without turning to the east, to NRA Headquarters, and praying 7 times.

I'm fine with a conservative (meaning restrictive, not meaning 'as read by politically-conservative gun-nuts') reading of the second amendment.

Hunting rifles?  Fine.  Revolvers?  Fine.  Semi-automatic pistols with an extended clip?  Why do you need to unload 30 rounds without reloading, again?  Fully-automatic assault-rifles?  Fuck no.

And if someone is a violent felon, I see no problem restricting their ability to own even those.  They've already demonstrated their lack of self-restraint.  And ... why exactly are we against regulation of gun-shows, which allow people who are legally barred from gun ownership to get their hands on guns?

For that matter, I have no problem with special exceptions to own absurd weapons, for people who have jumped through a lot of hoops and have demonstrated their mental stability and social responsibility, as well as their ability to lock those fucking things down, so they don't get into the hands of criminals.

Hell, I'd be happier with a minigun in the hands of a gun fetishist, rather than someone who thinks he needs it for self-defense.  The nut-jobs who just get a thrill from watching stuff go boom are harmless.  Those guys are more impressed with what their toy would do to a tree, and they'd probably be just as horrified to see what it would do to a human body.

The self-defense nuts are the ones you have to watch, since they have a tendency to counter-punch before the actual punch comes, usually in a direction from which no punch was coming.

Joseph P,well said! I completely agree with you. And let's not even get started (unless we already have) on the role the NRA plays in our political system.

I'm a liberal of the Libertarian kind. My life's journey has brought me here. Once upon a time I was just the oposite of what I am today. Acting upon the stage of life I have played all the roles. Never once have I thought we should take from the rich and give to the poor. I have, however, thought that the poor should be given a chance to become rich. In this life you must learn to make do with what you have. I do not hate capitalism nor despise other systems.

I have been married and also have just lived with my other half without matrimony. You need lawyers for the one but not always for the other. Anyone can see that my choices here had nothing to do with a god.

Abortion is a choice. Jesus said nothing about it and it was also existent in his time. Why the nonsense about it now? Theists are crazy!

Global warming is not imaginary. There is evidence of it in our ancient past also and it came in cycles. That doesn't mean we should just ignore it today. It can cause some serious problems for us.

Confederate flags, Nazi flags, etc. should all go as well as the hatred that surrounds them. If this goes along well the next step might be religious symbols. Let's hope so. It's hard to imagine a person flying the Confederate flag because of "his deep Southern roots." Somebody is lying here.

Do I want to "create a victim?" That depends. Anybody that has had something bad done to them, and especially done to them deliberately, is a victim. None of us should become victims.

Oh, I forgot the 2nd amendment and the right to own firearms. I love guns! In my earlier life I was a sharpshooter with a six gun. I don't shoot much any longer and I feel there is too much gun violence. We need to do something about that issue. Today fruitcakes are getting guns and even going into churches to kill people.

Stick around, Michael, and live a little longer. You might find that some of your views will change.

Michael Penn, fifty cents says Michael Pianko's views won't change during what remains of 2015.

Mike, l hope his views change. Planko is beginning to sound like Trump. But he would probably take that as a compliment. Lol

Why are so many atheists here so liberal?
Response to Michael Pianko on June 27, 2015. Atheist Nexus, Water Cooler

Religion is political. It defines who is in and who is out and who is up and who is down. If religious have wealth it is because their god gave them entitlements. What happens to those who were not born with the correct birthright?

Yes, liberals tend to not like firearms especially those terribly powerful guns and bullets that can pierce bullet-proof material, or those machine guns with rapid repeat fire capabilities, or guns that will destroy a deer with one shot, leaving no usable meat for consumption. There are those who do not seem to have the strength of character to be able to stand up to an opponent. With a firearm, they are Rambo! There are so many pretenses as to why a person needs heavy duty firearms. Why? You tell me. I don’t understand the mentality. I also object to firearms that are not locked away out of reach of children, or are available to depressed people who choose death or murder to solve their feelings.

Liberals don’t create victims we report about them. Do you always blame the messenger instead of looking at the underlying causes of victimhood? You may call it whining and complaining. You could be witnessing caring and compassion. You so glibly say that people steal from productive people. What do you have to say about the slave owner who made fortunes from the labor of others they enslaved. Or what about the wealthy person who can’t do all the work for him or herself and hires others to do the work? People who produce the goods and services that are sold for a profit. Too often workers do not share in the profit they made possible. Do you agree with that system? Have you noticed how so many Mom-and-Pop stores closed shop because they couldn’t compete with bigger corporations? Big organizations can buy goods from those people who work for extremely low wages and don’t share in the profits. Often workers do not have protection from fire, or exploitation, or enslavement.

There are very productive people who do work that others don’t want to do. The caregivers who care for children and elderly when families are not willing to wipe bottoms and spoon feed those who cannot feed themselves. Does that make any sense to you? If one needs help, he or she should be obligated to pay living wages to those who are willing and able to do those chores.

So, you think global warming is imaginary? Have you not read the scientific literature that reveals an obvious change taking place. Why is the weather changing? Oh! You don’t think it is! Yes, the Earth always heals itself, but that does not mean there will be no extinctions. Do you think Homo sapiens could have survived the other Big Five mass extinction events? Will humans survive the next one?

Words matter, symbols matter, flags matter. I have heard so many cockamamie stories about the War Flag of Virginia symbolizing strength and power. Yes, strength and power do enslave human beings, legally, and make fortunes off their labor. Have you ever considered how much money it would have cost to hire all those slaves. Slaves grew the cotton and corn and tobacco and whatever other crops slave-owners needed and slave-owners made profits. Could the slave owners have done the work themselves? There were so many things wrong with slavery, I find it hard for any educated person to not be revolted by the practices. Of course, there were injustices in the North. The whole corruption of exploitation and manipulation occurred in the USA and it continues. We claim to be a nation built on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Ha! That is funny! The original stated, “life, liberty and the pursuit of property”.
Why did Jefferson change "property" to the "pursuit of happiness”?

A flag is a piece of cloth, you say! A word is just an assemblage of letters, some say. Both cloth and letters mean something. They represent ideas, beliefs, and values. Some are healthy, some are deadly. I like to think in my country cloth and letters stand for equality and justice.

You claim to be a libertarian conservative. Does that mean you make decisions based on what is profitable for you without paying attention to the consequences of your decisions have on others and on the Earth?

There are some things that private enterprise does not handle well. Getting water and electricity to everyone are just two thing. Others, of course, are police and fire protection and garbage collection. I do not believe hunger and poverty can or should be managed by private enterprise. Some people are poor for reasons beyond their control. Diseases, injuries, disabilities, youth, old age describe a few of the classes that need help. It should not be the job of churches or charity to provide basic needs for these people. These produce social costs that a society must support. I am of the opinion that private institutions should not pay health care costs. I support a single payer health plans and my fear is we move farther away from that process.

Abortion is none of your business.

Homosexuals finally begin to get legal protection and I hope the hate crimes committed against them are prosecuted and harsh remedies result. I agree that religion is the foundation upon which marriage exists. That situation needs change and very soon. Get the religious out of the institution of marriage.

I am a capitalist, but not a laissez-faire capitalist. It is too easy to exploit and manipulate people. When an individual works full time to produce goods and services to be sold for profits that go to the owner of capital, and wages are too low or when profits are not shared with those who produce, the workers cannot afford to buy things. If fair wages existed, there would be more money available to more consumers and capitalism would thrive far better than under the present conditions.

I despise people who hire others to do the work they are not able or willing to do and don’t share the profits.

The more money rich people take, the more there is need for taxes to help pay people who work and do not receive a living wage. If money were spread according to the work performed, there would be more money spent and the demand for goods and services would go up.

Have you ever worked for a rich person? All wage-labor is theft or extortion.

There are other ways libertarians want to screw up society, but I think this is enough for one discussion.


Joan, you're beautiful.  If I weren't already married to the right woman, I give you a chance to turn me down.  Great response.

Jerry, we can be fast friends and I would like to include your wife as well. 

Nice one Joan.




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