The most frequent posters on this website are so over-liberal. Not that politics has much to do with the fact that there is no god and religion is non-sense.

In general:

Liberals hate the second amendment of the United States constitution, the right to own firearms. Now I am Jewish according to heritage, and what do you want me to do when the nazis or the ku klux klan (or anybody) break into my home?

Liberals like to create victims. They whine and complain that there are so many poor people. So rather than find a way to put them to work, they would rather steel from productive people and give it to the unproductive poor people so they can continue to not work.

Global warming or climate change is imaginary. The average world temperature has not risen enough to make any difference, and the earth always heals itself. I am against air pollution as much as anybody else and the world is not going to turn into hell any time soon.

As for discussions about the confederate flag, I don't necessarily care whether it is displayed or not, and what about jim crow laws and prejudice against black people in the North? A flag is merely a piece of fabric until you check the owners pulse and give them a lie detector test, you don't know what kind of person they are. Just suddenly replacing one piece of fabric with a different piece of fabric with a different design doesn't mean whoever displays the new fabric with the new design has the attitudes you want them to have, is not prejudiced against some people, and so on.

I'm a more of a libertarian conservative than the typical republican dogma, and a small government conservative.

Everything that can at all possibly be handled by private organizations should be handled by private organizations and not the government.

Abortion is fine with me.

I'm fine with homosexuals getting married in the sense that I don't want to be prejudiced against homosexuals. From my viewpoint as a typical person, marriage shouldn't exist because it was invented in order for religions to make you have to get permission from the religion before you engage in man-woman relationship behavior because the religion wants you to have children and teach your children your religion. And you shouldn't have to get permission from a government before you engage in a man-woman relationship and the government shouldn't be prejudice against homosexuals and there shouldn't be such a thing as benefits you get after you get a piece of paper that says you are married that you can't just get without a piece of paper that says you are married. A lot of atheists still think about man-woman relationships like religious people do.

Liberals hate capitalism. They despise people who do work and make a lot more money than them. The more money rich people pay in taxes, the less money they have left to hire people. Have you ever worked for a poor person? All taxes are theft or extortion.

I'm sure there are more ways liberals want to screw up society but I think this is enough for one discussion.

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Thanks, Gerald! 

... I  just can not understand how America is so far behind in gun control compared  to other well developed Nations....

FT (and others), I don't understand why America is so far behind other well-developed nations in violence control.

Violence is such a critical subject for me, as you know. Somehow we have to get a handle on it as a nation.  

Thank you, Freethinker31. We have joined in some very challenging debates over the years and I appreciate your comment. 

Joan, I'm a progressive -- way out to the left of liberal -- and with a little effort I can be as mean as any conservative.

Tom, you are tough, and you have had some significant battles. You can handle the young'ns better than most. 

I believe in not believing.

Bertold, I don't believe you.

Gad, do you believe this guy?!?  [grin!]

For the record, all are welcome on Nexus.

For the record, healthy debate strengthens Nexus. 

Years ago, I considered myself a liberal. Over the years, however, I pretty much hit the wall on my 'open mindedness.' Like the old adage, 'don't be so open minded your brains fall out', it got to the point that complete idiocy was being sold as 'modern thinking'. That's when I jumped ship.

One problem is whatever definition of liberal you are using. The classic liberal of the late 19th century is more like the libertarian of today: individual freedom and personal responsibility with minimum government intervention. Over the years the term has taken on (particularly in the US) the 'progressive' mantra, where the state cares and guides (and effectively controls) the individual. The modern liberal concept is moving farther away from actual freedom and responsibility and becoming more the statist world envisioned by Bismark.

Back in the 60s when I was young, the cry was for free speech, and freedom. Yet now it's 'liberal' colleges that are imposing speech codes, 'safe zones', re-education of dissenters. Contrary positions are quickly defined as 'hate speech' or speech that causes distress for certain classes. Just look at the Tim Hunt fiasco: there are things that 'cannot be said' without mobs demanding your head. (Now the new buzz term 'microagression' seeks to even further shut down any expression that is not currently correct (google it if you haven't encountered this madness)

It's the lefties who 'selflessly' declare that they would 'gladly' pay more taxes for government service (as if we need that) but there generosity is with other people's money (including, unfortunately their and everyone else's descendant's money).. they want us all to pay. I am reminded of the definition of American liberalism as 'ideas so good that participation is mandatory'.

It's the liberals who typically play the race card, and if it doesn't fit, redefine racism, or sexism, or classism to bring it to the discussion. It's the liberals who give us all a lecture on 'correct pronouns' when dealing with people like Jenner. Funny that when a surgically modified man with delusions dresses up as a sexual caricature of woman, even a lot of feminists are anxious to go along with this charade. [Make no mistake, he is certainly free to follow whatever fantasy he wants, just don't expect everyone to buy in]. Kind of odd, though when Rachel Dolzal decided to change races, the crowd pretty much lynched her. How is one different from another.

[A few years ago, at a local humanist group  meeting, two elderly women argued loudly and almost came to physical blows. One had been a lifelong communist sympathizer hunted by the FBI in the US, the other had fled the communist government of Hungary. That was an evening]

...the 'progressive' mantra, where the state cares and guides (and effectively controls) the individual.

jay, the Republican Party's evangelicals are putting a lot of effort into controlling the individual. I hope you're not supporting their efforts.

Many conservatives also oppose democracy; they call it socialism.


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