Women all over the world are seen to be getting more and more active, even in areas which were said to be men's bastions. Why then are there far fewer women atheists compared to men? Are women more religious? Are they still dominated by their men? Or by religious authorities? Are they too busy in their domestic affairs or are they simply not concerned? What is it? 


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Maruli - Well said. Most men initially see a woman's beauty and that attracts them in the beginning. However, a pretty woman who opens her mouth and speaks unintellingently - poisons a relationship pretty fast - if the man is thinking clearly.

Some of the most facinating women I've ever met were certainly not models but academics. WOW - when they spoke you could just feel the magic!

Perhaps those far right-wing men of the Club of God would not appreciate such an intelligent woman for their perception of the man/woman relationship is somewhat clouded by their teachings from that holy book.

C'mon Maruli, some women look for clues to the size of a man's bank account.

Exactly, there is such a thing as a gold digger.

Ok, I agree about the gold diggers. 

Stupid pretty women paint their faces, creative and intelligent women paint pictures

Stupid pretty women spend their time looking at a mirror, intelligent women look at books.

Stupid pretty women spent their time in fashion shops and beauty parlors, intelligent women in books shops, libraries and museums.

Stupid pretty women search the internet for fashion tips and beauty advice, intelligent women for scientific information.

I a girl is stupid and gullible, it can be brainwashed to accept two beliiefs:

1.  Religious

2.  Men are superior.  A woman's purpose in life is to attract men's instincts by modification of her exterior and to allow a man to reduce her to a body to be used by him.  


I think what Joe was saying about pretty atheist women was in jest and I too answered him in the same vein. I therefore request you to disregard our discussion. I myself do not at all believe that atheism and looks have any remotest relation. I hope Joe will agree with me.

"all the pretty women seem to be or "act" religious"

When Joe says this, he may be also meaning a particular class of women, like rich women or superficial, shallow women. If he means something like this, I will appeal him to be more explicit so that you have no misunderstandings.


He might have been serious.  he wouldn't be the first guy to use this site as a dating service.

Susan, I am woman and I am here for the purpose of finding one of the rare men, who is able to appreciate a woman by her brain enabling her to be an atheist.  

Going to a site like AN to meet likeminded people as a preselected group to find a mate is a very rational procedure. 

Maruli - I've been involved in several freethinking/atheists forums/sites over the past few years and have not joined for reason of finding a woman of values I appreicated or liked. That said - I see it as just one of many 'things' a person should do that is available and looking. These are 'social' networks and part of being social is advancing thoughts - on the threads subjects and personal if one can fit that in.

Exposure is the one thing that advances your chances of fulfillment. Keep at it and good luck.

Discussing and exchanging thoughts on forums and by correspondence is only an unsufficient substitute for talking about such things with a real life mindmate at the breakfast table.  

As soon as I find the one man, who appreciates my brain and values me as a person and who is likeminded enough to be a mindmate, I will spend my time with him and not on forums or blogging.

You don't make it obvious.  In other words.  This isn't a meat market for you.




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