Women all over the world are seen to be getting more and more active, even in areas which were said to be men's bastions. Why then are there far fewer women atheists compared to men? Are women more religious? Are they still dominated by their men? Or by religious authorities? Are they too busy in their domestic affairs or are they simply not concerned? What is it? 


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Men use their muscles.  Women have brains to invent ways to do things without the need for muscles.   I wonder, who invented the ladder to reach the top shelves ....


Let's say I run over a squirrel with my vehicle. Appalled, I get down on my knees, clasp my hand in prayer and promise GOD that if the dear dead squirrel (rodent) is brought back to life I will worship HIM forever and ever!

I pray and pray and wait and wait but the poor squirrel does not revive. I finally recognize that all my prayers have gone into the void. Prayer has made no impact. The implications could possibly be staggering.

What could the answer be?

*GOD thought the rodent was defective..........

*GOD needed this wonderful rodent back home in 'heaven'.......

*GOD didn't give-a-damn and let me know by saying NO......

*GOD didn't hear my haartfelt prayers due to the gospel telephone line being disconnected......

*GOD's gospel telephone line was all clogged up due to millions of Christians, Jews, Muslims all praying for special considerations (and now we have Timmy Tebow)........

*GOD was already aiding and abetting professional million-dollar sports heroes win games..........

*GOD felt I did not have adequate 'faith' so the squirrel pays the ultimate price.......

*GOD actually 'saved' the rodent but in a different dimension of time and space.......

*GOD didn't want me to worship HIm anyway........

*GOD doesn't think the squirrel even exists.........

*GOD doesn't think I exist........

*GOD doesn't exist...........

("It's OK to study the universe and where it began, but we should NOT inquire into the 'beginning' itself because that was the moment of creation and the work of God.')

POPE John paul II - comment made at a conference of cosmologists....


Steven, you are deliciously clever!  And then to cap it off with Pope John Paul II with another shoulda-oughta-gotta statement. 

The Nerd, I keep coming back to this for a bit of a chuckle and wonder what I can make for my squirrels.  Great fun!

My little community of squirrels come to eat the Concord grapes I left on the vines for them.  They hang upside down to reach the lower fruits.  

Q. What is a woman's favorite labor-saving aid?

A. A devoted man.

Tom, if living in balance means living as though nature mattered, then living with and working with the opposite gender requires being open to differences.  I find female chatter dull and I find male palaver uninteresting. Those individuals who think and act in interesting ways, gender unspecified, appeal to me.  Lots and lots of people are not interested in my dull palaver and make no effort to spend time with me.  Over time and experience, men and women filter out into groups that share values and interests and life is just plain splendid.  After all, there are 7,000,000,000 (that is 7 billion) human beings on this planet and we can pick and choose with whom we want to participate. 

On the contrary, it IS relevant, there's a lot we can do to change that, and it starts with changes we can apply in our daily lives.  It starts with admitting that there is an issue at hand.  It starts with changing our attitudes and challenging our deeply ingrained beliefs and behaviors if they are found to contribute to the problem.

With literally 6,000 + priests and pastors raping little children by the tens of thousands and maybe double that amount of insiders covering up these felons - it's certainly all our problem.

With pastors openly in church saying Obama should be put to death, that his wife should be a widow and his two children fatherless because he believes it's a womans right to choose what she does with her very own body - yes, it's all our business. (want the exact pastor and exact quote? Ask and you shall recieve.)

One need not wait to 'take on' these BITCHES and BASTARDS until it reaches your circle of family/friends.

It was 1975 when I first told my daughters that priests were raping little boys. They didn't beleive me. We all had to wait another 20-years before the news broke. To bad. Now, it can only be traced back to 1935 - as everyone before that time is gone. You can be assured it dates back centuries. Religion poisons everything. Yes, and in the name of Jesus these things happened.

Maruli - should you 'find a mate' anytime soon we will be the losers if you leave us. I always find time to come aboard and see how everyone here is expressing themselves. It's great to be around like minded people.

Steven, your appreciation of my contributions honors me.   I hope this does not impede you from sending anybody my way, should you get aware of someone being my kind of a mindmate.  

But even when I stop posting here, there is still my ERCP-blog left behind.   By now, I have filled 461 entries with my thoughts and ponderings.   Anybody interested enough could spend many hours reading.   So far, writing blog entries was like throwing bottles into an ocean, which is already covered with too many floating bottles.  

You are lucky.  

I've been trying to follow this conversation for the past 10 days, and I can't think of anything I could say to contribute.  I would like to make a statement though - I'm a 50 year old, single man, with heterosexual orientation.  I'm the youngest of 8, +2 (that we know for sure of) from a different mother.  That's 5 men, and 5 women, for my father, and 3 men, and 5 women from my mother. In age, my closest brother was 9 years older than me, so the 2 youngest sisters (2 and 4 years older than me) have always been my closest siblings.  Because of this, I've never understood sexual discrimination.  To me, women have always been equal, but different (very beautifully different!).
As well, none of my immediate siblings (the ones from my mother and father) call themselves Christians, and we were not raised with religion of any sort.  So, as an atheist, I think that this discussion may be one of the most important one we, as atheists, can have.  Perhaps even more important than the LGBTG one (I have a gay brother, and a gay nephew, so their right to equality is very important to me)! 
Keep it up!




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