Women all over the world are seen to be getting more and more active, even in areas which were said to be men's bastions. Why then are there far fewer women atheists compared to men? Are women more religious? Are they still dominated by their men? Or by religious authorities? Are they too busy in their domestic affairs or are they simply not concerned? What is it? 


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Mac, I like your contribution.  

Maruli - I'd like to say that since I've joined these discussions I've found everyone totally and completely enjoyable. You're all beautiful people. Your minds actually work!

About beards - saying beards are a sign of 'intelligence' is strange to me. For I see them all day long on Muslims and they are frickin stupid and fruitcake dumb. I've never met anyone with a 'beard' that I considered 'intelligent' - but that's just me.

Now - breasts - yes- every large breasted woman I've ever met is intelligent. Does this compute? It's just a very strange way to view people. I'm clean shaven and it's NOT a waste of time. I happen to be quite handsome clean shaven and I know for certain I'm fairly smart. I do actually 'have a brain' and yes, I'm sort of outspoken about GAWD-believers. I actually like Christian people - but I really REALLY detest Christianity. Do I find Christian women beautiful? Oh GAWD yes! Do I find non-believing females beautiful? OH GAWD yes! (lol)

This doesn't mean I want a god-believing woman living with me. However.....being a man (dog) that doesn't mean I can't drool over her does it? (Please say yes!) lol - again......

Steven, of course you can drool all you want; just don't expect a woman to wipe up the mess. 

I always clean up any mess I make and I also enjoy doing my own laundry!

I can understand any woman thinking men with beards are handsome. But to say they 'look' intelligent seems rather sexist doesn't it? If I said women with fairly large breats are intelligent that pretty much makes me look damn stupid. Angelina Jolie is one of those that can be put in the intelligent department - and it's not because she has large breasts. That's just not very complimentary to me to ever say something that ignorant. That's exactly why I said everyone here is beautiful and intelligent. I enjoy all your postings - not becasue some of you have beards and some have breasts. I would not ever judge your intelligence by your exterior appearance. Open your mouths and I see what I will see. lol


There is a logical difference between breasts and a beard.  

The size of the breasts are genetically determined.   A woman does nothing to have or have not the breasts.   She is born with that dysfunctional garbage and she has no choice about it short of drastic measures like surgery.  

A beard or not a beard is a rational decision.   A man has a beard as a default, as a baseline.   Removing it is a daily deliberate action of wilfull self-modification or self-mutilation.   A man has a choice of what he does with at least 5 min of his life every morning.  He can either shave or improve his brain.   Therefore letting grow, what grows contributes to a man's intelligence.    In 50 years, a man spends about 1,500 hours shaving.   That is a lot of time Marx had to write the Kapital and Freud to develop psychoanalysis, Matisse to paint several pictures and Tolstoy to create literature.  

You are still judging someone by their outward appearance. 

You are still judging someone by their outward appearance.

NO.  I am judging someone by the personal preference, what he does with 1,500 hours of his lifetime.   I am judging someone by remaining as he is or by deliberately modifying himself.  

It is the same with the hair on a man's head.  If a man is bald, that is his natural state, and this does not influence me.    If a man shaves his head, while he could have a jungle, if he would let it grow, I consider this as an ugly self-mutilation, that is repulsive.   Not to be bothered to modify one's natural state is a personality trait, that is important to me.

How do you know that the reason he doesn't have a beard is because he shaves it off?  Btw, it isn't the natural state to bathe either.

as far as I know, something grows in every man's face.   I have never heard of a man with a bald face.  

A relationship is for better or for worse.   As long as a man has the intelligent attitude of not being bothered to modify himself, but stays in his natural state, this is ok.  When no hair growns, either on the head or in the face, this is fate.   But shaving is an act of stupidity.  

If I were a man, I would not shave.   Just as I have long hair, because I let it grow and am not bothered to cut it.   When I hear about women shaving their legs, I laugh out loud, it seems so ludicrous.  

A native American man I worked with told me men in Eastern tribes have no facial hair. He said he had never shaved.

He said nothing about Plains state or Western state tribes.


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