Women all over the world are seen to be getting more and more active, even in areas which were said to be men's bastions. Why then are there far fewer women atheists compared to men? Are women more religious? Are they still dominated by their men? Or by religious authorities? Are they too busy in their domestic affairs or are they simply not concerned? What is it? 


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I dislike the word 'compel' in this context.  It sounds too much like a power struggle.   I personally either convince by using rationality or I move on and avoid any person, whom I cannot convince or who is unable to be convinced.   If a man would need to be compelled, I prefer to shun him and not to be bothered about him.

In reading all the postings on this thread - eliminating the obvious ones regarding 'dress codes' and 'physical beauty' - because they have nothing to do with being an atheist or otherwise, everyone appears 'equal'. Your sexual orientation or sexual attitudes mean nothing in regards to non-belief......at least to me.............

I only see the differences between men and women and how they view dress and beauty - and even that is subjective. Beauty is in the ey of the beholder and I am only seeing 'what you write'.

As far as women being 'passive' perhaps an example might help.

In 1984 women were allowed to finally participate in the Olympic marathon. Yes, it took a long time but it finally was approved. The Olympic Committee was made up of all men. They 'approved' it. That is the optimal word. "APPROVED'.

No one 'approves' of men running the marathon. We get it by grand design. Women also should never need 'approval' to do such things. There are still events women cannot participate in....just 'approved' again was the 'ski jumping' events - for the next Winter Olympics. Again, no one 'approved' men for that event...we get it because I guess - well.......because we have a penis and testicles. That's god's plan  according to those religious frickin freak-shows and it stinks doesn't it?

For I see them all day long on Muslims and they are frickin stupid and fruitcake dumb.

A knife can be used to cut bread or to murder someone.   A beard can serve a religious purpose or express a man's personality.   A headcloth can be a religious symbol or it can protect me from catching a cold, when my hair is wet.  

Not shaving, not ironing cloths, not painting one's face are just a few examples of what people can refuse to waste their time on and I interpret it as an expression of intelligence in both genders.   I consider it as utterly foolish to invest any time, money and efforts in one's external appearance to conform with the expectations of society.   I consider it as smart to limit the investment into the external appearance to be clean and wear undamaged and unfaded cloths, that are comfortable.  

So many of the greatest intellectuals were all bearded.   Marx, Engels, Freud, Darwin, Epicurus, Matisse, Verne, Melville, Hugo, Tolstoy.    They have made me associate beards with being exceptionally intellectual and intelligent. 

A relationship is for better or for worse.   As long as a man has the intelligent attitude of not being bothered to modify himself, but stays in his natural state, this is ok.  When no hair growns, either on the head or in the face, this is fate.   But shaving is an act of stupidity.  

If I were a man, I would not shave.   Just as I have long hair, because I let it grow and am not bothered to cut it.   When I hear about women shaving their legs, I laugh out loud, it seems so ludicrous. 

Why is feeling comfortable an act of stupidity?

Wasting time and be bothered about body modification is a stupidity.

There is something wrong, if someone cannot feel comfortable with his own body parts growing in his face.   Why can somebody only feel comfortable by modifying and mutilating himself.   This is weird.

Cutting your hair is mutitation?

Do you or have you 'ever' cut your hair? Where did you learn this thing? It's not like you've cut off a body part!

It seems that I am not explaining myself well.   I am a person, who is not bothered about my exterior and I consider body modifications a ludicrous.   My body serves my brain, except controlling my weight, I am fine as I am.  I am completely natural.  I am looking for a partner, who has the same attitude about his own body.   A man, who shaves, shows visibly, that he is not natural and that his attitude incompatible with mine.   I cannot explain it any better.    

This little episode reminds me of a statement made years ago by a man at a family funeral who said that only women with long hair were "real" women.  I went to my hair dresser as told her to shave my head.  She refused, but gave me a very short cut.  

Two years ago a friend lost all her hair because of cancer treatments so our little group shaved our heads.  We went to the symphony together and to art shows and to dances, and had a wonderful time.  All of us decided to keep our hair short and our men friends and husbands enjoyed our little gesture to make our friend not feel so alone and no one complained when we chose short hair cuts.  

Maruli, I find no pleasure in seeing painted faces and bodies, pierced body parts, and strange things painted on fingernails and bodies ... just looks like lip stretching of Ethiopia, neck stretching of Thailand, face tattooing and plugging noses of India, and geometric facial scarification of Sudan.  They look grotesque on primitive peoples and on moderns.  

Joan, I am even worse than that.   When I see someone with something like a ring pierced through the tongue or nose, I cannot look at it without cringing in a kind of horror.  Something in me vividly imagines how I would feel, if the next momemt something would poke a hole through my nose or my tongue.  I avoid even looking at such things.    But my mirror neurons are much worse than real life.   When I did cut my finger with an electrical planer, I put iodine on it, band aid around and shrugged my shoulders.  

Another way to look at body modification is as art.  If someone wants piercings and tattoos as artistic expression, I see nothing wrong with that.  It just should not be forced and ritualized.  There should be no penalty for not modifying one's body, unlike the way it is now where it's looked down upon for women not to shave their legs.

I keep my hair long because I'm too lazy to bother doing anything with it.  But then I painted my nails on a whim, perhaps because some primitive part of my brain said, "Oooh, shiny!" at the idea of drawing on myself.  It was for personal satisfaction and the joy of creation, and I believe that this urge is natural.

I experience painting pictures or flowers on my furniture or buying shiny dishes as so much better.   I can enjoy them more and they last longer.      

I think it's precisely because it doesn't last very long that I feel more freedom to paint on myself.  When I sit in front of a canvas to do a painting, there's more pressure to make it something that I would want around for a long time.  If only I were more decisive...  But I'm not.  I change my mind way too often. :)




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