im just looking to learn 

me i am because I am very intelligent and i need to see something real and most of the few others that i have found that are atheist around here are the same 

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I think it's dangerous to say one is atheist as a result of being intelligent.  It is possible to be very intelligent and still be deluded about any number of things, religion among them.  You might as well say you're atheist because you're good looking or left handed or whatever random characteristic you want to point to.

On the other hand, I think it is fair to say that you are atheist because you are rational.  That's my approach, at least.  If you can point to a belief I have and argue strongly that it is not rational, I'm going to have to either work to define a proper basis for shoring up its rationality or I'm going to have to discard that belief.

I'm sure many religious people would claim rationality as well, but it's never difficult to ferret out the fallacies of argument from ignorance, special pleading, etc., and if the person is thoughtful about the discussion they will have to admit that at least in this one belief they are not being rational.

yes i would agree i am rational but at the same time all of the atheist i have found in person are of higher iq

I am an atheist because I came to a CONCLUSION - a conclusion that the stories and other content of the bible and the quran and other supposedly "holy" texts simply didn't add up.  The screaming dearth of evidence for any form of god in the face of more reasonable explanations for the phenomena around us only reinforces such a position.  That conclusion is added to the external data I see in the news which tells me that, for an organization which is supposed to be all beneficial and positive, too many items attributed to them are anything but beneficial or positive, whether you want to talk about a small-scale issue like what happens when a child learns about hell and is scared to death or the far larger scale of 9/11.  Finally, there is the matter of the growth of knowledge of our world and galaxy which daily fills in gaps where theists would have us believe their god still resides.

It's as Laplace told Napoleon - I have no need of that hypothesis.  I am an atheist.

'On ne devient pas athée par souhait'

Napoleon Bonaparte

Why am I an atheist?

Well, in all sincerity, I can honestly say it’s because I’m able to see beyond the sociological norms of a society crippled by faith and come to the conclusion that there is absolutely no reason to accept their versions of reality as being “the truth”.
I’m an atheist because I have the ability to slough off the cultural indoctrinations of a spiritually minded majority and regain the native abilities of my birthright, to see the world through genuinely “opened”, “unfettered” eyes and realize that life has far greater meaning than any mere faith can ever rise to give answer to.
I am an atheist because that is the word the God-fearing have deemed necessary.

I'm an atheist because once I broke-out of my childhood religious brainwashing, I found I have no need for a god.

I want to add that I also discovered there are no gods.

I've always been an atheist because that's the default position, and nothing has convinced me that gods are anything more than psychological constructs.

Yup, I was born an atheist too.

I've been an atheist since I was ten or twelve. For some reason I always felt that religion was something everyone pretended to believe rather than something real.

Later on I felt I needed to have a firmer basis for my atheism and after a lot of study—but no emotional turmoil—I settled on non-cognitivism as the justification for disbelief. Non-cognitivism is the claim that religious statements do not make cognitive sense—they do not state anything true about the world because they are essentially meaningless in referring to an unseen world. As I have continued to read, this view has deepened for me.

I am an atheist despite a rather religious upbringing.  After rejecting ALL of the other gods I found that it wasn't such a large leap to reject one more.  Thank you, Richard Dawkins.

I am an atheist because I see no good reason in all the world or the known universe to believe in any God. Who knows ? Maybe there is a non-intervening deist-type God, but if there were it wouldn't make any difference, such a God might as well not exist.




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