im just looking to learn 

me i am because I am very intelligent and i need to see something real and most of the few others that i have found that are atheist around here are the same 

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The invention of gods is not a metaphysical claim. It may,however, be a philosophical claim. Even so, when man invented his gods he was more superstitious than he is today.

Why am I atheist? My best answer here. One day I woke up.

Quite simply the absurdity of the accident of birth is how you end up being in a certain religion for the most part. You don't really need much more than that to realise the whole insanity of dedicating your life to an eye in the sky.

I grew into it.  I had a religious upbringing.  After a while, it just didn't make sense anymore.  For a long while I talked myself into a belief in a divine being, calling myself a theist, and then an agnostic, and then non-religious and then, finally an atheist.  

I was raised a Southern Baptist, but by the time I became an adult I no longer believed in it.  For years I kept trying to force myself to believe, wandering thru several religions. Only recently I've come to accept the fact that I can no longer keep up the charade of trying to be a theist.

One thing that stuck with me over the years is that when I was a hobo back in 1984 I was one of several; thousand homeless people from all over the country whom a guru named Rajneesh invited to live at his commune in Oregon. What made the greatest impression on me was that the missions and homeless shelters were ranting and foaming at the mouth about how this evil "cult messiah" was luring people into his "cult", but in reality he was doing more to help the homeless than they were.  They feed and house them then turn them back out onto the street but he gave me a little cabin to live in. And he was an atheist, but he did more to help me than all the Christians and their talk about how Jesus loved me but didn't love me enough to get me off the street.

I began reading his books while I was at the commune, and at first I was a little bothered by his atheism, but I could not dismiss the fact that his atheistic beliefs led him to do more than the Christians' theistic beliefs did. His philosophy was based on Zen Buddhism, with elements from other religions mixed in, but it wasn't theistic. It taught that there was no personal God, but that mankind himself could be called divine and was all the god you were going to find in the universe. He freely used the word "God", but in the sense of the inherent divinity of man.

I eventually became one of his "Sannyasins" as he called his followers, and afterwards, when I left the commune, I tried to force myself back into the theistic mold that I didn't really fit into. I tried Christianity, Messianic Judaism, Islam, Vaishnava Hinduism and Quakerism, but after each one I kept returning to the philosophy of Rajneesh (who just before he died changed his name to Osho).

so recently I decided to stop trying to fit into religions at all, and just be an atheist and an Osho Sannyasin (which is not a religion, but a philosophy of life).

So after coming out as an atheist I joined the Atheist Nexus Facebook group and, following the link on that page, I came here, mainly so I could interact with other atheists and try to find my place in all of this.




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