Why aren't people required to swear on the Constitution in court?

Pretty simple question. Why should the bible be used?

I would much rather swear on the Constitution myself.  

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John J Kelly wrote:

>> Like I omit "under god" in the Pledge or are you given that option?

>> In which branch of the military did you serve?  I did four years in USAF as a lowly AGE repairman.

I served seventeen years in the US Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician; I was medically retired when I developed epilepsy.

In December of 2012 I was appointed to fill a vacant seat on my village board of trustees (city council). Nebraska has it in the state constitution that one must swear to "a deity," but when I informed the village I was an atheist and would not be making such an oath, he went to the state government with it. The state decided to "allow" me to make a "solemn affirmation" rather than an oath, bypassing the state constitution and mooting any possible case I might have against challenging the state statute.

At every board meeting since, I have said the Pledge of Allegiance in its original form as written by Rev. Francis Bellamy (that is, without the Under God part). There has been no protest by the other board members nor populace of the town.

All the other board members urged me to run for re-election, as have many of the people in town. They are more concerned with having an involved city councilmember rather than a religious one.




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