Why Atheists Can't Be Republicans

CJ Werleman's just published  Atheists Can't Be Republicans.

That atheists are secularists is one reason why atheists can’t be member of today’s Republican Party.

The Grand Old Party (GOP) is ... a theocratic sponsor,...

Atheists can’t be Republicans because the economic and social policies of the Republican Party have been proven abjectly false and dangerous. Much in the same way religion is false and dangerous. In other words, atheists who cling onto modern U.S. conservative ideology are hanging onto ideas that have either been proven mythical at worse or remain unproven at best. If atheists applied the same litmus test to their political ideology as they do to theology, then clearly an atheist cannot be a Republican.

Atheists are the fastest growing minority in the country. We now have the critical mass to shape elections and policy. Were atheists able to establish a monolithic political demographic, one that is based on proven economic and social policies, then our potential political power would translate into saving this country from the clutches of the American Taliban and Wall Street.

On the other hand, the author also says,

... I have come in contact with as many idiot atheists as I have with idiot Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

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The perennial problem of politics is: 

People want services.

But, people don't want to pay for those services. 

The Democrats stand for the "we want services" side of that coin.

The Republicans stand for the "We don't want to pay for services" side of the coin.

Thus, Democrats tend to be people who want services but mostly won't be the ones paying for them.

Republicans tend to be people who don't need so many services, and would be the ones paying for them. 

They are two sides of the same coin. 

People wanting services is not the problem; it is that demand is down because wage income is down. Workers who produce goods and services do not share in the profits that result from their production. Compounding that variable is the sending of production to nations with lower wages, no benefits, and lower standards of production. Wealth creates wealth. Inadequate wage income creates a reduction in the size of the middle class and a growing poverty class. 


Thus, Democrats tend to be people who want services but mostly won't be the ones paying for them.

Republicans tend to be people who don't need so many services, and would be the ones paying for them. 

Do people who know of Republican welfare -- corporate and agribusiness and military -- repeat stuff like the above?

When was the first such welfare paid?

When the folks who in 1787 wrote a constitution and agreed to pay face value, instead of market value, for the paper that speculators had bought from Revolutionary War veterans.

The Revolutionary War itself made the Western lands (the Appalachians, which England had reserved for natives) available to land speculators, who bribed state legislators to get it cheap and sold it dear to settlers.

Do people who know of the 1790s Yazoo land scandals repeat stuff like the above? See Wikipedia for the details.

American "free enterprise" has always been, and remains, taxpayer bailout enterprise.

"Privatize the profits and socialize the losses" has from the beginnings of government been the practice.

Read history, Luara.

Read of the destruction of cooperative enterprises by governments in the pay of private enterprisers.

Read of big pond scum (aka blue-green algae and cyanobacteria) who survived by eating small pond scum.

Luara, you infer that Democrats somehow escape taxes which are heaped upon the Republicans. You really do listen to Sara Palin far too much.

Democrats want a progressive system of taxation. They want access to medical care where the well being is of people is the focus and not insurance company profits. They want clean air, water and food free of toxins. They want to mitigate the disastrous consequences of man made climate change. They want an end to American hegemony, and the trillions wasted on neo-liberal wars predicated on lies.

The repubs are also fiscally irresponsible, and while saying tax and spend, they borrow and spend.  They tax future generations, and their policies increase the attack on the middle class, and the ever growing gap between super super rich and poor.  

The repubs demonize whoever they can get away with demonizing, to detract attention away from intelligent addressing of issues.  They are anti-education.    They are anti-intellectual.   They are anti-think.  They scape-goat, especially African Americans and gays. 

I could go on and on, but will quit.  Its one of those things where people either agree, or they don't.  

As for republicans not needing so many services, the most republican states of the South, sap more money from the North while claiming to be against federal support.

Sentient, it seems to me that repubs have no concern for the common good. They don't seem to care for anything or anyone outside themselves. With the well known exception of women with an unwanted pregnancy. Then they're only concern is forcing a pregnancy to term.

"Amen" (as some religionists would say) to Joan Denoo's list of what to stand up for .

I am always amazed at how Republicans can rail against government intervention but demand that government get into our bedrooms, and even our vagina, abuses, and wombs, while simultaneously demanding that the government buy us Viagra.

Joan, your words tell a large part of a truth that I hope people here can accept:

If values include seeing others as objects, as something to be dominated, as someone inferior to one's own superiority, a means to an end, then those values reveal themselves in words and deeds.

To those words, add what my more than forty years in politics tell me.

Success awaits those who can speak and act in ways that conceal those values.

Do I give up in despair?

I pause discouraged from time to time; I don't give up because early on I saw the end of an innocence that for a time had blinded me to the world I live in.

In short, success awaits the most capable sociopaths.

There is some good news. Less capable sociopaths, who make up from 2-4% of the population, are 20-25% of those in America's prisons.

Yes, it is easy to give up in despair. Helplessness and hopelessness lead to emotional depression and loss of energy, and increase in anxiety. It is when we allow the reality of our dreary lives push us into despair that everyone loses. 

What we need is to wake up from our innocence and face reality as it is. Liars and thieves have taken over the banking and financial markets, leaving behind those who work for a living. Government at all levels have been bought and paid for. 

Until and unless the average USA citizens wakes up, forms coalitions, organize resistance, the status quo will continue. 

One of the first things it will be easy to mobilize around is to stop these damnable wars that drain taxpayers and small business and benefit wealth. 

Another factor that can mobilize the public is facing up to the fact that these huge agriculture conglomerates deplete the soils, add toxic chemicals to dwindling top soil killing organisms that make healthy food. People want and need healthy food. 

A third factor around which people can be energized is to get off fossil fuels as soon as possible and develop renewable and sustainable energy sources. The peak oil period comes to an end while the effects of burning fossil fuels damages the environment. People in China may be able to get off fossil fuels before USA does because of the incredibly bad air quality creating CO2. 

A fourth factor that can invigorate citizens is converting to universal health care. Our current system is broken in spite of the new programs put in place during this administration. We need a single payer health care system that is closely regulated. Private insurance companies is not the answer to this situation. 

Fifth, get rid of this horrendous political system that has become an oligarchy. No one benefits in the long run when some benefit and others pay the bills. Unrest, distrust, and frustration drain the nation of its energy. 

And sixth factor that will animate people is to end this insane trend toward invasion of society by the fundamentalist religions and their outdated values. We need smart minds able to think critically and act as a team, not for the benefit of the few, but for the enrichment and health of the planet. We do not own the planet, nor are humans to dominate it. We are part of the many systems that live on Earth. We have the potential to damage it beyond repair. Religious dogma and their wars will not do what is necessary to restore and renew the quality of life of the planet. 

Joan, there are apparently at least two of us who see the reality of our situation. Hopefully we can rise, organize and stop these fascists before they activate the "national emergency" clauses in the Patriot Act.

CS and Joan, the government long ago activated the forerunners of those clauses...in the Constitutional Convention. The word "fascism" would appear a century later.

Here is Alexander Hamilton on June 18, 1787:

The people are turbulent and changing; they seldom judge or determine right. Give therefore to the rich and well-born a distinct and permanent share in the government. They will check the unsteadiness of the mass of the people, and as they cannot receive any advantage by a change, they therefore will ever maintain good government. ... The people tire of an excess of democracy.

And here is James Madison on June 26, 1787:

In framing a system we wish to last for ages, we should not lose sight of the changes the ages will bring. An increase of population will increase the proportion who labor under all the hardships of life and secretly sigh for a more equal distribution of its blessings. These may in time outnumber those who are placed above feelings of indigence. According to the equal laws of suffrage, the power will slide into the hands of the former. No agrarian attempts have yet been made in this country, but symptoms of a leveling spirit have sufficiently appeared in certain quarters to give notice of the future danger. Landholders ought to have a share in the government, to support these invaluable interests and check the other. It ought to be formed as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.

Did you see the Republican presidential candidate debates in 2012 and their related stump speeches? 

This included comments on evolution such as:

On the topic of evolution and evolution education in schools, Michele Bachmann has publicly declared her desire to push the teaching of intelligent design in science classes along with evolution education. Bachmann claims she is aware of "hundreds and hundreds" of scientists who believe in inelligent design and that it should be inserted into the science curriculum so students can decide for themselves what to believe. She even pushed for her home state of Minnesota toadopt intelligent design curricula.  or on being a Christian nation

In a speech given during his campaign, Newt Gingrichdefended his idea that the United States was founded on Christian principles and prayer and Creationism should be put back in schools. This includes teaching creationism and intelligent design along with or instead of evolution.  or

Rich  Santorum who is an anti-evolution candidate who believes intelligent design should be taught in classrooms. He also does not believe in global warming or using embryonic stem cells for research.

Or look at the 2012 platform and its discussion of the evils of secularization.




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