Correct me if i'm wrong, but in its essence, God or any deity came from religion right? So if you don't believe in religion why believe in god? The reason why i'm asking because my cousin believe that god exist (agnostic but refuses to say he is) through meditation i believe, even though he believe in zero religion.

Sorry if this was asked already.

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Beautiful rant, man. That's about what I've seen in the actual churchgoers in America, for that matter, never mind the ones who consider themselves Catholic but don't go to church. I'm sure there's a core of hardcore believers, but they're by far the minority.
Yea i understand, guess i was just thinking if A (religion) created B (God), and you negate A then why still believe in B, and you perfectly answered my question, but yea, a lot of people I've met believe that God exist, but don't go to church. I just think it's funny we are looked at so evil, when they don't even embrace their own religion, "religiously". And i'm perfectly fine with Deist people, but even sometimes they look at atheist differently, i often tell my cousin why are we so different? If you don't believe in heaven or hell, then what is your reward for really believing that God exist, religion guaranteed a reward (afterlife). I presume one of the answers is what you stated Bruno, that sometimes it just seems like a cop-out of just having the balls to say "I just don't know".
Well, the whole issue of whether A created B is a big, blurry mess, particularly in the case of the god of the Old Testament. The Jewish/Christian/Muslim god was created from the merging of the Ugarit gods that existed in the area, before the Jews came rampaging through. I'm sure the Pentateuch was just a poetic justification for why they had the right to rape and slaughter their way through the whole place.

Christians and Muslims cast us as the most evil because they realize we're the greatest threat they're facing. Religions trading converts back and forth doesn't do much to hurt the system. That's just a function of evangelism, which is healthy activity for any religion (healthy for the religion, not the people in the religion, an important distinction).

We represent the end of the whole system.
It is certainly possible to fantasize a belief in god without having to profess a belief in those misleading theologies of all earthly religions. This is, however, not ruling out the possibility of opening another false religion through such fantasy. If you undertake a critical scrutiny of the possible origin of religion, the fact of my above stated assertion will be a lot clearer to you. You may wish to take a look into the first chapter of my latest book, The Crisis of Religion: The Feral Excesses of the Gullibility of Man. Therein, you will find my philosophy on the possible evolution of religion into the human culture, under the subheading, “The Development of Religion.” You see: the accommodation of several of these misleading theologies that compel a belief in supernatural source of evil and holiness on planet earth is wholly detrimental to humanity. Theologians are merely deceiving humankind with their kaleidoscope of theocratic lies. The tragedy of this case is that numberless of these theologians and professional preachers know it pretty well that the strange theology they’ve chosen to propagate is exceedingly irrational beyond absurd, as it has brought a chain of very appalling disservice and ruinous consequences upon the entire world, most especially upon black Africans. However, they still persist in perpetrating their evil trades, blinded by power and lucrative profits.
for some people like this, they believe theres some "super power" that take control of everything in this world. but they rejected the religion, maybe they think that every religion are same, or maybe they think that better to live undoctrine as religion told.
The notion that God came from religion is a very mistaken one. The organized religions that we pay attention to these days were seldom widespread until they were institutionalized into governments (e.g., egyptians, hinduism). The overwhelming majority of 'religious' experience throughout history has been small groups with rather informal beliefs. Belief in supernatural beings started far before 'Gods', such as ghosts, witches, spirits, demons and such, and are still most prevalent in hunter-gatherer tribes. Belief in supernatural agents is actually rather normal, unless someone has the abnormal experience of being born in a society that supports rationality and teaches things like empiricism, science, logic, etc. Religion appeared long after belief in supernatural agents.

For detailed discussions by evolutionary biologists, cognitive psychologists, and anthropologists, see authors such as Pascal Boyer and Justin L. Barrett.


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