Joe Biden: “I don’t think 500 billionaires are the reason why we’re...

Here's a small excerpt:

Much of what Democrats blame Republicans for was enabled, quite literally, by Biden: Justices whose confirmation to the Supreme Court he rubber-stamped [,he] worked to disembowel affirmative action, collective bargaining rights, reproductive rights, voting rights.”
– Rebecca Traister, feminist author, writing for

“It is hard to name an infamously unjust feature of America’s criminal-justice system that Joe Biden didn’t help to bring about.... As a high-ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Biden didn’t just craft the 1994 crime bill – he also ushered a variety of other draconian measures into law.... During the 1980s, Biden helped pass laws reinstating the federal death penalty, abolishing federal parole, increasing penalties for marijuana possession, expanding the use of civil asset forfeiture, and establishing a 100-to-1 sentencing disparity for possession of crack cocaine (used disproportionately by poor nonwhite people) and powder cocaine (used disproportionately by rich white people).” – New York magazine journalist Eric Levitz (3-12-19)

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You can say that all you want ... but if it comes to Trump v Biden in a year and two months, are you SERIOUSLY going to dither about your vote?

No, of course not. But I have no illusions that Biden represents the people. I'd take any of the other 9 Democratic candidates still standing over him.

I would not differ about my vote in 2020 but the real problem for me is that it appears the DNC knows in advance who they want to run and it also appears the candidates are all talking about the wrong issues. If not wrong issues, at least presented in the wrong perspective. Oh, well. They have maybe 6 months to start getting this together if they really want to beat Trump. If not it is wasted money and time and just another bunch of nonsense.

Trump's GOP is lying and turning things around bigtime. I have a Hispanic relative who has switched to Trump's side now and she says "he knows me and knows I'm not a deplorable, racist, or a terrorist." It's easy to see this is a remark she thinks Hillary said about Hispanics. Most of us know this never happened and we know this is the sort of thing a good DNC candidate will be up against. Why are they not dealing with it already? All I see is idiots running on a platform of taking your guns away. How would that get them elected?

Meanwhile, the "big experiment" goes on and goes forward.

The invective or narrative against Biden raises an important issue. Cultural relativism. To use the elephant in the chamber of cultural issues: SLAVERY

Will we turn a blind eye to the slave holders of yesteryear who were otherwise enlightened? Or at least enlightened based on their era. Others were doing it. Is that an excuse for cruelty?

He would probably be better than trump.

Only he wouldn't, because he'd use up our next Democratic win.  He'd accomplish nothing we want and, in league with other Republicans, he'd probably institute policies that would haunt us for generations.

And then the Republicans would win the Presidency in 2024 and it's Trump redux.

Also, given his age, his vice-presidential choice might matter.  Mayor Pete?  Conceivably, but not likely.  A nonentity like Beto to pull the "I'm young but I don't know anything about government" vote?  Perhaps. 

I know he's Number One in the polls, but try to picture somebody getting excited about having Joe Biden as President.


But Jerry what about the value of arresting the trajectory towards fascism?

Do you really know how Biden will operate as POTUS? There have been supreme court justices who were understood to be leaning in one direction who upon ascendancy went in the other direction.  He was VP to Obama and it is quite conceivable he is in favor of the general tenor of Obama's policies and it is not inconceivable that he actually will go further than Obama. This is particularly so when we consider how the rhetoric of democratic candidates goes further than it has. The political rhetoric expresses the political will of the people. 

Obama was looking for consensus. Wait to advocate for gay rights until the public supports gay rights. Don't intervene in genocides unless we have allies who will join us. Seek to work together. etc. Joe may be more of a get things done guy. Being president is a mandate!

Consider also that sleepy Joe is not stupid and will be leery of the political pendulum that swings in other direction after a bad term.  If we get universal health care and the cost comes down (even with an option to choose) that will make americans happier and more inclined to stay democratic. If we begin to actually fight climate change (Americans are beginning to realize it poses an existential risk) it will be a form of momentum for democrats. I think it may provide more jobs than it takes away. In short the democratic agenda will serve as a counterbalance to the pendulum's inexorable swing.  Joe knows that and will seek to effectuate the goals of his left-er leaning candidates.

If I learned anything about my time in the state legislature it's that change happens slowly because a lot of people aren't comfortable with big changes.

Yes, Biden isn't as liberal as many of us would like, but it's the independent voters who determine the outcome of US elections and so more moderate voices are needed to appeal to them.

Shouldn't the most important thing in 2020 be getting Trump out?

Yes Andrea, change is gradual unless an extraordinary filip a stock market crash, rioting or terrorism. 

In contentious elections the independents swing the vote.  And i tend to think you are correct that a more moderate voice is needed to appeal to them.  But are you sure? Is there any data to support that notion?

Yeah, a defenestration of Trump is doubt.  

Change may happen slowly in state legislatures, because people aren't comfortable with big changes. But at an entirely different scale big changes are happening fast, climate destabilization is accelerating and we only have 11 years left before human civilization loses control of planetary physics and chemistry. Bam! Positive feedbacks will start to escalate until the planet becomes uninhabitable. You won't have to wait 80 years to experience the 6 or 7 degree C rise. Four degree rise is incompatible with organized society. Stock market- what stock market? You won't have to wait several decades for a four degree rise for it to be irrelevant. Once it becomes slap-in-the-face obvious that we've missed the human extinction deadline, can you figure out how collective insanity won't erupt? All while wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, heat waves and floods get worse. Not just a wall street crash. Cults. Panic. Who will pay their taxes? I can't imagine this breakdown not happening in 11 years, given our current trajectory. 

We live in a big-stage complex system, Andrea, where striking teens now are our best hope to even be alive a decade hence. Where will those state legislators be? Probably their heads on pikes, by their own children. Greta warned that her generation will not forgive climate inaction.

Seems that nutty republican candidate a few years ago...the one who wanted to colonize mars was onto sumpin

Climate change won't slow down these next 4 years either if Progressives vote again based on "their conscience" rather than just focusing on beating Trump, because, as in 2016, those "conscience" votes will count as a vote in the Republican column. This means they'll win again and rather than mitigating climate change, Republicans will be exacerbating it as is now happening.

Swing state voters are key to beating Trump and since these voters are more likely to be wary of change and tend to be more moderate, we must take that into consideration in choosing a candidate.

And that's why for those who really care about climate change -- and I feel it's the most important issue facing us today -- they'll vote Biden if he becomes the candidate.

Biden clearly has the greatest chance of beating Trump.




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