I had a look around and could not find out what the Atheist viewpoint would be. In homosexual discussions I saw that the general opinion was that as long as it is two consenting adults, it's Ok. Well, I am well past my twenties, and I am infertile. Would you support me marrying my mother?

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I don't think it would be any of my business.  It didn't work out so well for Oedipus though.

One of the big problems in our world is that everyone wanted a girl "just like the one that married dear old dad." This led to mom being put on a pedestal so high that nobody could ever measure up to her. In turn we have Oedipus complexes and many divorces.

Knock your socks off. So long as you don't produce incestuous children, or go insane and become a public charge. You too can be just like the Pharohs of Egypt, or the inbred royal families of Europe.

Danie, have you talked to your mother about this? What does she say?
Sentient, Lol.
And good advice.
I guess Anon was A-non-atheist, ie troll, since it has disappeared.

Troll? Maybe. He was a self described Buddhist who didn't believe in gods, but nevertheless prayed and followed the teachings of Gautama. 

Struck me as a troll.

What and whoever he was, it appears he was trying to prove the point that aheists have no morals. He should have lived in the dark ages when sons fought the father for their mother. (That might learn him.)

All this and I was just going to have my horse run for the senate. Oh, well.

Given how dysfunctional our current Congress is, Caligula's idea may may have merit. Would be an improvement over the jackasses who are currently there.


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