If you need a consolation prize after Tuesday's election, this may help:


You can see it in poll results from Pew Research to the Barna Group; you can hear it thunderously condemned from the pulpit and more quietly discussed in church focus groups, but agreement is pretty widespread: church attendance is declining and all Christian sects, even the loudest and most conservative, are losing ground in America.
Now, Gregory Paul, known for that 2005 statistical survey that measured the relationship between religion and societal health, explains why he thinks it's happening.
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It is my great hope that the noise we now hear is the desperate cry of those who are losing their special status in society. An increasing percentage that noise is by the stupidest and most unyielding. Younger people are the key, and they aren't the ones who contributed to the Republican gains yesterday. That's a hopeful thing.
I'll take the disorganized spiritualists over a pack of hateful bigoted theists (with guns) any day.
You may love the fact that the AFA are eroding the English language, Fred but it doesn't make it right. It's much like what Ronald Ray-gun did with his Orwellian Newspeak naming of a nuclear missile "The Peacemaker". But I make that quite clear in my blog: http://www.atheistnexus.org/profiles/blogs/the-hijacking-of-atheism-in.
I couldn't agree with you more. I think those that reject religion and claim some sort of "spirituality" have enough common sense to know that the biblical version of reality doesn't make much sense but they have not thought about it much beyond that.
The CEO's aka 'pastors' etc/? will figure a way to make the bottom line or get more tax, subsidation? it's all about the subsidizing. That money is only going to be used to try and screw the system because they hate gays, nonbelievers and...

well, the CEO's or head honchos of many a 'evangelical' organization is foreign. Be they Asian, African, Euro... Look at Ray Comfort. TheSaintsRevenge has a great new youtube up today that says alot.

I think it is becoming more fervent and fanatical...therefore more dangerous.




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