Why Did Trump EPA Approve Pesticide Linked to Brain Damage?

Science revealed that many of the products used in agriculture were developed during World War !! by the Germans and used as a weapon of war to gas their enemies. After the war, Dow Jones used these poisons to kill pests and diseases in gardens, not testing them for human and wildlife safety. Scientific tests show these chemicals have properties harmful to other life forms, including Homo sapiens and other wildlife. The Trump administration removed the restriction placed on its use. Why? Who benefits? Do profits matter more than health? 

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I suspect you mean Dow Chemical, rather than Dow Jones, Joan.

As for why, the answer is obvious: because Donnie is playing to the corporations who grease his wheels, and he doesn't give a rotten dump about the "little guy" he claimed over and over before the election to support.  In the wake of Joe Walsh and Bill Weld coming out to primary Trump, I'm hoping more of these issues get exposure in the press, long before we're at the conventions next year.  Donald Trump has damaged this nation, and the sooner we get about applying reparative measures, the sooner at least some of these issues can begin to be resolved.

We're all in the claws of the big companies that want money now, harmful effects don't matter to them. trump and people of his sort just take the money, you and I can drop dead as far as they're concerned.




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