You know we do, we sit around back and forthing with each other, talking about the same worthless shyt that the religious folks are talking about.  Yes in a more intelegent and logical manner but we still do it.

RELIGIOUS TEXTS ARE NOT TRUE ACCOUNTS OF ANYTHING.   I don't need to tell you that, do I?  Just remember every time you bring up Jesus and his "bible" Think of Ahab and his Whale. Both character archetypes were based on real people, both books have moral lessons (no judgment put forth on the quality of said lessons), and both need a suspension of disbelief for anyone to believe that the accounting put forth could even possibly be 100% true.  

Now granted, the jesus fans are way more adamant about their book than even the most loyal "Twilight" fan.  But I DO NOT CARE.   I don't have the time to learn every ridiculous contradiction in a 2000 year old work thats been through several translations.  How do you?

If you want to spend time debating the relevancy of story points in the fiction from yesteryear, go right ahead, I don't want to stop you. (Well yes I do, but I know I can't so...)  Just realize that that is all you are doing.

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I suppose to most of us the subject only becomes of any relevance when we're confronted with theists, particularly those of the proselytising type, and in such situations knowledge becomes a very powerful weapon. Talking about religious texts and religious myths in no way means acknowledging their factuality, no more than a scholarly debate on Tolkenian literature means acknowledging the existence of Middle Earth.

Not caring about acquiring the knowledge needed to engage theists in debate is a valid stance and one you're perfectly free to take. Still, in 2010 I don't think there's any doubt whatsoever that atheist activism is a necessity, which means that a few of us will have to do it.




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