Why Do Christians and Muslims Hate Freedom Of Choice???

Christians and Muslims all talk about achieving a place in Heaven.

This appears to be all some live and die for.

Yet, they don't understand much about this Heaven that they long for and how absolutely pathetically ignorant and dumb, they truly are!

Since their religion teaches of an Orwellian, Totalitarian Heaven where life is so easy, since Christians don't have any reason to think for themselves.

The desire to be parented in Heaven is due to evolutionary traits, we have the longest gestation and parenting period of all mammals and when separated, wish to return to being mothered and spoilt.  

Because, life is so often comfortable and easy as a child, without responsibilities. 

This can be seen in cats, where if they find a sucker of a human who will parent them, they return to being as kittens, but without such a willing mother figure, they are fierce hunters that have to fend for themselves.

These theists are no different to cats, they seek the parenting of their god, so they don't have to fend (laziness) for themselves.

Essentially they are lazy people who hate having to fend for themselves, so they wish to be like pets in an imaginary totalitarian Heaven.

Essentially, they hate having responsibilities.

Many see having responsibilities as confusing, tiresome and hard.

Though many religions don't use the kitten analogy, instead they use the sheep analogy as many of the Old Testament (where both the Bible and Koran originated) were naive shepherds.

A large percentage of adults wish to return to this period of their lives and the concept of being little ignorant sheep/lambs, under the guidance and sustenance of a shepherd as comforting. As I learnt this from my time trying to be a Christian.

If promised pleasure is thrown into this fantasy, i.e. the Islamic 72 virgins supplied, adds icing to the cake, only the Koran does not specify the gender of the virgins, so they may turn out to be all male virgins.  Well, that would be enticing if you were a gay, male Muslim.  But gay Muslims are usually stoned to death.

So churches like the Catholic church are in themselves, Totalitarian, Orwellian regimes and fosters teachings of their ultimate Eternal Orwellian existence in the totalitarian regime called Heaven.

Essentially they aspire to and dream of being nothing more than incredibly unintelligent sycophants for their god.

The wish for Heaven by Christians (and Muslims) demonstrates their hatred of Freedom Of Choice and the wish to be forever parented.

Their desire for such a Heaven actually makes these people unbelievably Pathetic!





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... the essence of sadomasochism, the essence of abjection, the essence of the master-slave relationship and that knows that death is coming and can't wait to bring it on.
-- Christopher Hitchens

Freedom of choice is scary to them, because they might choose wrong ... and THEN comes the needto deal with the consequences of those actions!  Oh, dear, the shit has hit the fan now, hasn't it?  Putting god in charge means effectively putting their lives on autopilot - no worries, no responsibilities, Captain Yahweh's at the wheel, all's right with the world.  This is at least in part what Hitchens was referring to in the above quote, but there's actually more to it than that.

These people aren't competent to live their own lives, because they're too afraid that they're going to fuck it up, so they invent a god who CAN'T fuck it up.  Pathetic, indeed.




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