In the Christian youth event that I attended once when I was still a theist, all the people there inexplicably started holding up their hands over their heads whilst praying or singing. Does anyone have any idea why? My first thought was that they were reaching up to God in heaven, but surely they must know that God has never been spotted in the sky...


Also, does anyone know why a lot of Christians put their hands together and close their eyes whilst praying? Is it something that people of other religions do too?  

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This has to do with the physio/psyco/social effects of the group action you're talking about. Some Christians do this so they can 'feel the spirit' they are certainly feeling something but it has more to do with emotions and body chemistry then anything else. By the way the COG micro sect (just my blood family now due to a recent schism) that I happen to hail from does not do this.


Also it is scientifically proven that dancing in a group promotes happiness and by extension the bodies natural healing abilities are enhanced.

Wow that's really interesting, and it makes sense from a purely strategic point of view. I thought there might be some sort of Biblical basis.




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