It is one thing that has boggled my mind! Psychics, Religion, Ghosts, Angels, even when you show them all the physiological evidence people will find a loophole excuse to believe it!!! Will humans ever grow out of it? Or will we go through a merry go round of superstitions??

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There is a book called "Why we believe what we believe" which was featured in Religulous. I have asked for it for christmas, believe it or not. Apparently it looks for common neurological reasons for belief in god etc. It is also the fear of death. If people could get over the fact of no afterlife than religion would not play as strong a role.
It has been my experience that you can not convert a "believer" on the spot. The most, and best, thing you can do is place a kernel of rational thought or personal insight to what they focus on. It is in this way the irrational can be brought to rationality. Just one piece needs to be addressed that they agree to that makes sense. No attack, no threat, no question to their faulty position that they've built a fortress around.

As long as there is ignorance in the world, there will be irrational thought. As long as there are those that take advantage of the ignorant, there will be religion. Begin at home and support those you've helped to understand their human condition and the world they exist in. The ignorant are fearful of what they don't understand; least of all themselves. They are intimidated by people that have the confidence of self awareness and applicable knowledge. They would rather fall back on what their community or supporting group dynamic has taught or tells them. The most extreme example of this is the cult. I have been astonished by the intelligentsia that fall into cults. That's when I look at their identity of self and so often find it lacking.



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