Why do theists think it's arrogant to believe there isn't a God?

During a discussion a theist friend of mine suggested that 'atheism is just so arrogant', and I was wondering what may have led them to this judgement. I do indeed have my own theories of why a theist may think this, and believe that the no God view is a modest standpoint. However, I'd like to hear any theories or experiences anyone else has on the matter, and I ask not just in principle but because it actually hurt my feelings, so I suppose I want some support and evidence for the contrary view that atheism = modesty. Is this post itself arrogant?

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Honestly theists are off the charts arrogant compared to atheists, it's just culturally accepted dumb arrogance instead of the kind that comes from actually having greater knowledge
I see no reason why we should be reticent in defending our stance on woo and belief.  Terry Meaden sure wasn't in this post, and it reflects a real-life incident.  If that's arrogant, then okay, I'm arrogant, and I refuse to apologize for it.  The theists who have to deal with Terry or me or someone with our convictions will either have to learn to suck it up or learn infinitely better arguments to bring to the table than they have to date.
mmm, I'm starting to think that there is an arrogance attached to atheism, although there are more positive words to describe the same thing. I would say there is arrogance, at least in myself because I do often see believers as somehow inferior, honestly it's hard not too. However, I think a good conclusion would be that there is arrogance, as a personality trait, present within all groups, whether they be atheist or theist. Furthermore, to suggest someone is arrogant, whether true or not, has no support or non-support on the existence of a God. It is just an insult, and possibly rather hypocritical for a Christian, who upholds kindness and loving.

As an alternative statement, I have no problem in ASSERTING my lack of belief.  I suspect that part of theists' problems with atheists is that we present not just a different view, but one which is completely at odds with theirs, fact vs. myth, rationality vs. irrationality.  The only real meeting of the minds that might be available is where they agree NOT to interfere with us or the government we live under.  I've met SOME theists who will consent to that, but they are remarkably RARE.

I suspect the "arrogance" they perceive is more in the radical departure from their mindset, as well as the rejection of the hierarchy mark d mentioned elsewhere ... and I don't see that it can be helped so long as they wish to continue to indulge in their hallucination.

mmm, I agree, I tried to make this point earlier not having read this, and you put it much better than I did. I wonder if their is an intrinsic default to believe their is authority over people. I think Steve (in an earlier post) mentioned the idea as a father figure, is it true from birth that we always have some sort of authority over us? (I know I may also be stepping into the realm of the 'God gene' now) and is God just an embodiment of our desire for authority? If so, why is christianity in America so strong on classical liberalism and the rights of the individual?
Because of all the "irrefutable" biblical "evidence" backing up their claims and beliefs, how on earth could we not be seen as arrogant when discounting such proofs of God's existence lol.

They think it is arrogant because to accept that there is one
"proves" that you are humble enough to admit that there is someone who created you, the world, and everything else. It "proves" that you are nothing more than God's ...whatever and that you are not the master of your own life.


And to say you do not believe, goes against their very stringent rules one and two. Basically if you believe in God, you are more likely to be humble..they think...(but I disagree)

The other day, I related a story about another Christian doctor to my new Hindi doctor.  The Christian doctor said something incredibly heartless and vicious to me which I relayed to my new Hindi doctor.  He had a lot to say (mostly under his breath) about the arrogance of Christians.  To a Hindi, the belief in only one god and forcing that one god down the throats of everyone else is arrogant. 


To other religions, the Christian assumption they are always right about all things spiritual and all other ways are wrong is arrogant. 


I always tell my other than christian acquaintances that I am an atheist and I do not believe in their faith (which they are used to living in the US), however, I do not believe their faith, beliefs are invalid or in any way less than any other.  I usually get along with them pretty well.  They may tease me about my lack of faith, but usually they are pretty happy to be around someone a lot less arrogant and judgmental than most christians are. 

Sadly more than likely, and as good an explanation as any.

"Your belief in a god is stupid."


I didn't know that christians had ESP!

This is a typical and a dishonest attempt at shifting the burden of proof.

They believe that god created the entire universe just for them.  They think that they were made in the image of god.  They say god created all the other animals for their use.  They think they will be the only ones who will enter a paradise. 

We know we are just another kind of animal.  We believe our evolution as humans was a series of amazing but natural accidents.  We believe we will die and decompose and become a rotting lump of ill smelling organic chemicals.

Who are the arrogant ones?




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