Aside from the obvious religious ties of sanctifying the act of coitus, why does this country in particular hate the idea (and the act) of sex so much?  (The media actually still sells based on our suppression of what i view as normal nature.)  I admit this is an undeveloped thought--off the cuff, but it seems to run deeper than the ruination by religious doctrines that have brainwashed into believing that sex is dirty and somehow wrong.  Or is that all?  Is that at the very root--the evils of religion digging its fingers into yet another facet of our lives?

Curious for feedback.  What am I missing?

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Dennis, you exaggerate.

The reason?

I know, it's none of my damn business.

Tom, the "entire day" doesn't mean we are having sex all day. It means that entire day is supposed to be all about her,-- at least in her mind. The longer she can put off the act of sex, the longer she can keep me on a string and control me. It is about control to her, but she denies it. It is always about control.

I might add that Jun Muh Tuh hits a lot of this on the head as well. "Friends" of the wife telling her what to do and what not to do about sex. What is the problem? These women can't mind their own damned business and think the idea of a 67 year old man having sex with a 35 year old is horrible. In turn they have made my life hell. My wife even laughs at some movie we are watching and the man (wanting sex) says to the woman "don't make me beg." It isn't funny, neither are these idiot women, and this is a game that I do not play.

My wife thinks all this comes under the heading of "foreplay and being romantic." It's all bullshit. She recently told me that she had learned one thing. I asked her what it was, and she says "I've learned that old men just do whatever in the hell they want to."

My wife is African and just like some European women she was all full of drama. I had to learn how to cut that drama off. Just recently on my job, I met a woman from Belarus who acts and thinks the same way as my wife. I think they have all seen too many movies.

Dennis, I understood "entire day" to mean foreplay.

As to your partner's motive being control, you might be very surprised.

This former sex educator used to tell guys that some delay can make their orgasms better, and if they will slow down their rush they can have what many women have: multiple O's.

You can find out at that it isn't all bullshit but you don't sound ready to accept it.

I use 'we' almost tongue and cheek.  Most people do not hate it, they repress their urge.  They tell themselves it is bad, save within a sanctified union.  I disagree entirely with these precepts but I am bound by them by most of the people i know/have known.  The post is far from rhetoric, but i cannot say that i am not really aware of the "hang ups' of modern people--mostly due to religious indoctrination--directly or indirectly. It makes me sad, frustrated, and a little angry.  Silly in a way.  My opinions on the subject are far from mainstream even among open minded people, or so I am told, and i do not think that they should be viewed as such.  Who indeed has swung so far left from the center?

I'm absolutely of the LOVE SEX / DON'T HATE SEX contingent ... and my sense is that, when you boil it all down, hatred of sex can be traced one way or another to religion and the prudish attitudes fostered by religion.

Thing is, too, religion has a tendency to treat sex in horribly simplistic terms:

  • Sex is BAD except in a marriage
  • From some opinions, sex is BAD, PERIOD
  • Kids want to have sex - tell them: DON'T HAVE SEX

There's no talk about responsibility or nuanced, reasoned approaches or (heaven forefend!) safe sex - just DON'T DO IT.

Come to think of it, that's how religion treats damned near everything: do it OUR way or DIE!

Come to think of it, that's how religion treats damned near everything: do it OUR way or DIE!


Religion may, Do you know many people who actually abide by those ridiculous rules? Most people I know who are "religious" don't follow those precepts. Most "religious" people I know, follow what's reasonable in their own minds and leave the other stuff out. I know a lot of Catholics, Many refer to themselves as "A&P" Catholics [Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday], they follow their religion like many Jews follow theirs, "Culturally", not literally. Most of the atheists I know call themselves Jews.

The woman I am currently dating is a Jewish atheist. That's no longer an oxymoron.

Mic, if you have a spouse, spend an evening with spouse swappers. If you don't have a spouse, get one and spend an evening with spouse swappers.

Such enthusiasm!

Your spouse and you will go home hot for more.

Caught my attention big brother, I am 31 years old and I cannot speak for everyone but i can speak from my personal experience. I have been married for the past 6 years, and from what I gather, its not the act of having sex that is frowned upon, its society in general. You have different types of people and by types, there are tons of them who view it and abuse it in the physical as well as the mental aspects so to say. from my side of the fence, my wife has friends. These friends love to make me angry, love knowing that they for some odd reason, control the sexual part of my marriage. They have made bad decisions in their lives and by bad, i mean, having children and running off their spouses and going around the black plenty of times. for some reason they enjoy living a life of misery. all i hear them do is cry, and say nobody loves them and nobody wants to be with them. they see me having my happy existence and decide to put it into her mind that she isn't required to partake in that part of the big bond we call marriage. and my wife believes it. all i get is if you love me you will deal with it. she's burning a bridge between us and pretty soon  she is gonna be on the same level with the rest of them. the media uses sex in almost everything they show to grab the younger generations attention. while they focus on the t.v., the illuminated societies, are making their move towards this so called One Government World. I Believe it is just a trick to get everyone to not pay attention. Just like this so called president. He hasn't come through with any of the promises he made to get himself elected as of yet. and this 100,000,000.00 trip to africa? seriously? As for religion, Something tells me it will serve its part in this New World Order Government project that is going on as we speak. Something Doesn't feel right these days. i remember not having a single worry in the world, and now i cant sleep at night knowing evil is stirring. that's my view. don't take this as trying to start a love hate discussion, its just something that runs through some of our minds. As for me, i do appreciate everybody's opinion, it makes the world a much better place when one can speak his mind and have a cup of coffee without having the next person take it to seriously. thanks for listening to one of the Sheoples gone Rouge.


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