Aside from the obvious religious ties of sanctifying the act of coitus, why does this country in particular hate the idea (and the act) of sex so much?  (The media actually still sells based on our suppression of what i view as normal nature.)  I admit this is an undeveloped thought--off the cuff, but it seems to run deeper than the ruination by religious doctrines that have brainwashed into believing that sex is dirty and somehow wrong.  Or is that all?  Is that at the very root--the evils of religion digging its fingers into yet another facet of our lives?

Curious for feedback.  What am I missing?

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It's not so much that we "hate" sex, but that there's an obsession with wanting to control it.  (Ironically, it's almost always the loudest opponents of extra-marital sex who get caught in sex scandals and the like, heh.)  IDK if I'll be able to put my thoughts properly into words, but, eh...  I think it has a lot to do with instincts and the desire to have reproductive control over others.

Biology and... stuff...  We're dumb apes who want to limit the amount of sex our partners can have in order to ensure that it's our kid or that our partners will have to stick around and raise our kids if they ever want sex again.  Then religion goes and gets obsessive about it, lol.

Love Bill Hicks--must have watched that dozens of times, and yet strangely--i enjoyed it again.  I have used the sniper rifle part in conversation.  Thanks!

ok. NPR today.. ".. sexualizing my bare shoulder, im not ok wthat and why..." . . . high school gal on proper attire in public? schoo. anyhew
check this. who's gonna say they hate driving?
and yes. there's pseudo sex ed and real sex ed.. like life, drama and actual sex.. anyhew x 2

who hates masturbation and adult ent. ? ~! who told you so~ pfffft
ejaculate the hate; live longer~ peace!

And that's why sexual repression isn't a good thing.  When you bottle it all up, eventually it's going to come exploding out in other ways.  Like, why did tentacle porn and bukkake become popular in Japan?  Because the government censors all non-medical depictions of the peen.  Also, giant orgies in Iran.

The funny thing is, in European cultures, nudity is enormously more prevalent than what we here in the west see


Depends on where you live:

Topless Women in Public Not Breaking the Law, Says NYPD





It's more sane here in the city

Much saner


In European countries, Atheism isn't as taboo and is more prevalent too...go figure.  There's that connection again.

In European countries, Atheism isn't as taboo and is more prevalent too

You know? I never felt that particular "taboo" here in the city. I worked all my life here and never hid the fact I was atheist. Never had a problem. It often raised eyebrows, often sparked interesting conversations, but I never felt it was something to hide or be circumspect about.

I am a bit out spoken, indignant, and sometimes loud.  Where I work i have actually been discriminated against.  While i see the trend of nontheism and atheism growing, i still  catch the funny looks, the sideways glares and on occasion, open animostiy.  My personality takes that and rolls into a little ball of anger that grows until I say or do something really off the deep end.  Strangely, i am not in what i would consider the heart land of the so called bible belt. 


If that woman is breaking the law, then the law must be changed post haste.

No, actually here in NYC it's perfectly legal.

I don't hate sex. I love it. It's just that I cannot deal with an entire day of some female dominated ritual that is gone through before we do anything. I'm not a rabbit, but let's just do this and enjoy it. If we are to have sex on any given day let's not make that day all "me, me, me" all day long before anything happens. She says that I'm "not romantic." I say that she is wanting to control it. Hey, let's just go with the flow of things, OK.




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