why do we need proselytizing advertisements like this on our site?

Many Jews believe in God But not all. Humanistic Jews affirm Jewish heritage and culture. www.CityCongregation.org

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I don't get it. You are jews without the judisim? So you don't believe in god, yet you still uphold the cultural values of a religious sect? I'm not meaning any disrespect, I just don't understand how you can center yourself around cutlure that roots itself in religion and god, yet call yourselves secular. It's kida like saying I was born into a catholic culture, but now im athiest, yet I still practice catholic culture. The two don't mesh well. Maybe it's my lack of understanding of jewish life.
I'm an atheist of Irish decent in America. I'm not Catholic. I wasn't raised Catholic, though the majority of Irish folk are of that belief system. I listen to Celtic music, and I pride myself on my knowledge of Irish culture. I don't see a conflict there, so why should I find a conflict with someone who is enamored to Jewish culture without adhering to Jewish belief?
no no, KNOWING the culture and PRACTICING the culture are two different things. If you claim to be secular yet you PRACTICE religious rituals strikes me as a conflict. You can know your cultures heritage without practicing it's rituals or believing in it's gods.

Like I said, no disrespect. It just seems odd that they PRACTICE jewish rituals yet they call themselves secular.
The advertisement is proselytizing on an atheist site to get more people to identify with their "culture" which is almost identical with their religion without god. They worship their culture just like you would worship a religion. Judaism very rarely supports atheism and freethinking and now has a very cozy relationship with protestant fundamentalism.
I now see a "Stand for Israel - Stop Iran Now" advertisement on our atheist website. Now Iran is certainly bad and should be stopped but Israel does not support the rights of atheists and nonbelievers and is rapidly becoming an ethno-theocracy where immigrants must swear allegiance to the Jewish people and where it is illegal to drive on the high holidays. Israel also now has a very cozy relationship with protestant fundamentalist. Why should we support a country that doesn't support us?




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