Why do you find the evolution of life so fascinating?

So the up coming Wednesday, I will be holding a speech in front of my class. The theme is "Inner and outer journeys". I instantly came up with the Journey through evolution. So the deadline is near and I have written nada, it is not that I do not love the evolutionary theory, but it is because I do not know in what way to approach it. My teacher told me that I should pick an angel to work with and not just become angry and speak against religion (Because I am a very outspoken Anti Theist and I speak openly, and loudly about how horrible religion is. Also, she is a christian.). I will talk about the fascination I have of evolution, I will analyze a picture of nature with cows in it, I will take a piece from Richard Dawkins book "The greatest show on earth" (Probably the bit with the 44 percenters and how they are similar to the history deniers, but if you have a tip on a great chapter or a great pharagraph in this book, or another book, just tell me). I will then speak about my concern for the future of the human evolution and how people like these deniers, cause harm upon society. I will show my great disappointment with people who wastes their intelligence on drinking every weekend and not using their brains for intelligent matters.


I will also wear my "We are all Africans" T shirt during the speech, so when I bring this up, I can hit my chest with my fist and say loudly "WE are all Africans!".


I will try to place this small piece of opinionated text into the speech

"I don't give a damn for other peoples opinion, I only care about the facts. So I am not an enthusiast for diversity of opinion, where factual matters are concerned. I am against the propagation of outdated, rather unimaginative ideas about the world, which is so much less exciting, so much less enthralling, so much less thrilling than the truth. I am against religion that teaches people to be satisfied with nonexplanations for things, when in the 21th century we have extremely good explanations, and we are getting better ones. " The speech will be in Swedish by the way.


So if you have some great advise on what to write about this theme and the evolution of life (but mostly about the evolution of man).


And I would also like to ask you; What do you find fascinating about the evolution of life?



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A devout Christian friend once asked me how I could think evolution was more amazing than the work of God. I told her it was much more amazing that we came about by chance, we're lucky to be here, and we're all natural!

They let you say Damn in school in Sweden?  Gosh.

Sometime this year, I was looking out in the backyard and watched a family of deer interacting.  The mom would sneak up to one of the fawns and start licking and grooming it.  The fawn would get uncomfortable and twitch away.  Then the mon would sneak up to the other fawn and start in on that one.  It was so much like a human family that I lost all desire to kill and eat them.

I don't think we "came from" deer, I just think we're all animals, for better and worse.

Cannibalism is very common in humans historically, in isolated groups, and even in isolated cases in modern cities.  Some of our culture's oldest stories are squarely against it - see Tantalus v. Pelops.  Why would ancient authors have made a big deal of such things if they did not need to be discouraged?
I don't think we "came from" deer, monkeys, etc. but we're all animals all right.  I don't think it's important to know where we came from but it's important what we are doing with ourselves now.  We all (every living thing) are interdependent so let's live in peace and not take advantage of one another.
Ummm - cows were selectively bred by humans

"I don't give a damn for other peoples opinion, I only care about the facts."

You could soften that statement with one of my favorites. “ Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own 'facts'” 

Biological evolution is the most beautiful story of life, and its why i have spent the past 5 years studying it. I go to school to study paleoanthropology (human origins) and evolutionary biology. If you need advice, facts, fossil names, or anything really at all, just email me and i would be absolutely glad to help you out on this subject.



Most people dont know about our origins! lol. I think i have met maybe 3 people that can describe to me how we are related to chimpanzees. 


I hope your speech goes awesome! 

It's funny you say that. That most people don't know "our origins." Have you ever heard Terence McKenna's Stoned Ape Hypothesis? If you haven't, it's an interesting listen and definitely not the mainstream view of "our origins." He expounds on this notion in the first hour of this talk here:


The first hour is sufficient to get the gist of it, as the entire video is about 8 hours long!

Maybe hook your audience with humor. Feel free to re-work any of this.


Just a suggestion, but bring a banana and a rock to the podium, and start your opinionated part like this:


"Who knows what these are? (long pause) What if I told you this banana was an edible mobile phone? Would you still value my opinion then? Obviously not, but what if I told you that it was the fruit of Intelligent Design, because it just happened to fit into my hand? Would that mean everything that fits into a human hand or mouth is divine? (pause) What if you can fit a rock into your hand and throw it at someone, does that make it a product of intent? The banana and the rock are not affected by your opinions or explanations. Natural selection, speciation, and every other biological, chemical, and physical mechanism that have been working relentlessly for the last 4.5 Billion years on Earth, certainly don't care what myths or ancient explanations we give them. Reality is reality. Opinions and beliefs are never to be respected; they are to be criticized or admired, made fun of, and validated or falsified with scientific method. Respect, as I've just shown, needs to be earned. No exceptions..."

Good for u. Thumbs up!

say what?

first of all it's kept from educators... by the hand of money making myth bs... c'mon now.

evolution is a heckuvah mind exercise and necessary (so-called) evil.

so funny "you're atheist you're evil" ok what did i do evil today...?




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