Why do you find the evolution of life so fascinating?

So the up coming Wednesday, I will be holding a speech in front of my class. The theme is "Inner and outer journeys". I instantly came up with the Journey through evolution. So the deadline is near and I have written nada, it is not that I do not love the evolutionary theory, but it is because I do not know in what way to approach it. My teacher told me that I should pick an angel to work with and not just become angry and speak against religion (Because I am a very outspoken Anti Theist and I speak openly, and loudly about how horrible religion is. Also, she is a christian.). I will talk about the fascination I have of evolution, I will analyze a picture of nature with cows in it, I will take a piece from Richard Dawkins book "The greatest show on earth" (Probably the bit with the 44 percenters and how they are similar to the history deniers, but if you have a tip on a great chapter or a great pharagraph in this book, or another book, just tell me). I will then speak about my concern for the future of the human evolution and how people like these deniers, cause harm upon society. I will show my great disappointment with people who wastes their intelligence on drinking every weekend and not using their brains for intelligent matters.


I will also wear my "We are all Africans" T shirt during the speech, so when I bring this up, I can hit my chest with my fist and say loudly "WE are all Africans!".


I will try to place this small piece of opinionated text into the speech

"I don't give a damn for other peoples opinion, I only care about the facts. So I am not an enthusiast for diversity of opinion, where factual matters are concerned. I am against the propagation of outdated, rather unimaginative ideas about the world, which is so much less exciting, so much less enthralling, so much less thrilling than the truth. I am against religion that teaches people to be satisfied with nonexplanations for things, when in the 21th century we have extremely good explanations, and we are getting better ones. " The speech will be in Swedish by the way.


So if you have some great advise on what to write about this theme and the evolution of life (but mostly about the evolution of man).


And I would also like to ask you; What do you find fascinating about the evolution of life?



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While you obviously don't have time to read it before the presentation, I'd recommend reading Dawkins's The Ancestor's Tale. It's a backwards journey through time that starts with modern day humans and talks about different evolutionary breakthroughs our very ancient ancestors had.

But the thing that fascinates me is that something like us can arise from a few set of fundamental rules. What we call "Physics" is a set of emergent processes of probability fields interacting. "Chemistry" is the emergent set of processes that arises from physics. "Biology" is the emergent set of processes that arises from chemistry. And then humanity is merely an emergent process from biology. From just the basic interactions between subatomic particles, it would be nigh-impossible to predict the emergence of life - let alone self-aware consciousnesses that called themselves "human beings".




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