Why does a disagreement in perception lead people to seek solace in hate?

I've been on almost every conceivable side of the religion argument at some point throughout my lifetime. Currently I have come to the conclusion that 99% of religions have the same basic premise at heart. That being said, why is it that almost every person who has claimed belief in some higher power gets so angry when they come into contact with some one who doesn't believe in one?

Religions are supposed to be about bringing people together who have similar values, and creating a community around those beliefs. They are supposed to love their fellow man, and help to end other peoples suffering for the good of humankind. Again, these are the beliefs almost EVERY religion holds dear (and I would assume most any sane Atheist as well)... yet when you express to them that your beliefs differ greatly from their own, at least in my own experience, they treat you like you have a disease. If suspension of belief is contagious, then I surely hope I can pass it on (as long as it works for the person who is infected).

My main problem is this... I don't care what someone believes or chooses to do as long as I am allowed the same courtesy, and as long as it doesn't hurt or suppress another individuals will. What is so difficult about that? Why MUST these people with their beliefs be so militant (Atheists can be guilty of it too) and attempt to replace another persons ideals, beliefs, and morals for their own. What makes us want to either through coercion or force, cause some body to have a perception shift whether or not they are prepared for it?

I look forward to your responses.

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Indeed Kaci, I have learned, what they can do when they are in power and when they want power. They have never failed to teach a good lesson.
HAHA! Well played sir. :)
Using a "winking" emoticon after something you've parroted back doesn't make what you wrote humorous, or even clever. It just discredits you more.
None of the people you call trolls are trolls. You just keep confirming that you have know familiarity with genuine trolls and to you it's just a convenient dismissive term for lack of substance on your part. Troll to you equates roughly to anyone that makes you feel like an insignificant shit.

I'd hesitate to call you a troll in return, despite your deliberate dumbness. You're more just a run of the mill vandal/postaholic with an inflated self-opinion that reality tragically undermines. Herein is your real frustration, and this site your vent.

What bugger all credibility you had left has now completely vapourised. All that's left is very unpleasant grown man that has nothing left in his arsenal other than tantrums.
Hey Bub, I've sat by and allowed you to utilize my discussion to whip out your dick and try to measure it up against everyone else's since that is what you feel is your prerogative. However, if all you are planning to do now is attempt to dismiss anyone who posts... then I say it is YOU SIR who needs to dismiss yourself.

This discussion was never about YOU until you made it so. Please if you would, see fit to return this discussion to the topic at hand instead of behaving like a spoiled brat. I would welcome you to remark on any other thread I create, but not if your only intent is to try to make yourself look important while belittling others. Speaking for myself, I've been subjected to quite enough of that attitude in life, and I don't not wish to deal with it in a place which I consider an electronic refuge from morons. Thank you.
Asking you to stay on topic is not trolling, it is asking that you not troll. That will be your last post on this discussion board. Good day sir!
Evidently not Danny.
Hahahaha! My queendom for a comma!

I meant "Evidently not, Danny".
I agree of course with Sun Tzu, but I do not see many here who underestimate our enemy...religion. Just the opposite the "new atheist" enlightenment I think is very aware of what these people are capable of and we intend to oppose them, vehemently.
I may have missed the post but please explain why you would disagree the statement " Religion is evil and dishonest."
I also am responding to Danny. Please explain your thoughts on the "good that religion has done". I'm not being confrontational; I would like to know your thoughts on the subject. I am interested to know what GOOD has been done BECAUSE of someone’s religion that could NOT have been done by someone who was not religious. Any good that most would point to has an assured ulterior motive of cultivating souls as a trade for the seemingly altruistic gestures.
Sooner or later, I reckoned you'd be invoking Hitler or the Nazis. I suppose I should have opened a betting pool about which one you'd mention first.

Ironic that you are mentioning Hitler in your ongoing pogrom against a Jewish atheist.




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