Why does a disagreement in perception lead people to seek solace in hate?

I've been on almost every conceivable side of the religion argument at some point throughout my lifetime. Currently I have come to the conclusion that 99% of religions have the same basic premise at heart. That being said, why is it that almost every person who has claimed belief in some higher power gets so angry when they come into contact with some one who doesn't believe in one?

Religions are supposed to be about bringing people together who have similar values, and creating a community around those beliefs. They are supposed to love their fellow man, and help to end other peoples suffering for the good of humankind. Again, these are the beliefs almost EVERY religion holds dear (and I would assume most any sane Atheist as well)... yet when you express to them that your beliefs differ greatly from their own, at least in my own experience, they treat you like you have a disease. If suspension of belief is contagious, then I surely hope I can pass it on (as long as it works for the person who is infected).

My main problem is this... I don't care what someone believes or chooses to do as long as I am allowed the same courtesy, and as long as it doesn't hurt or suppress another individuals will. What is so difficult about that? Why MUST these people with their beliefs be so militant (Atheists can be guilty of it too) and attempt to replace another persons ideals, beliefs, and morals for their own. What makes us want to either through coercion or force, cause some body to have a perception shift whether or not they are prepared for it?

I look forward to your responses.

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Yeah, clan loyalty, tribal warfare, or even just classic high school cliques - it's all "us v. them" mentality. As a christian i never hated atheists, I felt sad for them in my sense of superiority. Now as an atheist I don't hate christians, but I DO want to deconvert them. I know that's not a real popular idea among some atheists, but I'm an anti-theist. I can't stand the brainwashing of children, the waste of human potential, the guilt, shame, and hypocrisy... If beliefs weren't destructive, I wouldn't care. But they ARE and so I do.
De-converting them equals our survival. Hence the answer to this post. FEAR. I fear what theists can do when in power. I fear what they can take away by using the authority of the state.
Hate is a by-product of fear. People fear anything that is different, and the natural response is to eradicate what is making them afraid. People who have evolved past their baser instincts realize that different=opportunity for learning, but unfortunately not everyone is at this point.
All very good points. In addition I feel that when it comes to irrational belief systems like religion. People who are involved know somewhere in the recess of their mind that what they "believe" in is BS. They seek out others or congregate to give them the assurance that in fact THEY ARE OK. When an atheist presents a logical idea and debunks their belief system or Science presents evidence against their creation story we are bring back to the light of day that they believe in something which they know is BS. The reaction is anger.
Does continually naming a thing a certain way make it so? Do you think that if you call Danny "angry" enough times, that other people will think of him as "angry"?

Is it because everyone saw through your pretense at being an atheist?

I'd have replied to this where it was stated, but there's no "Reply to this" link on that comment.

Anyhow, that was uncalled for. I'm tired of "more atheist than thou" comments on this site.

So was Were you abused by an atheist as a child? Would you say "Were you raped by an atheist as a child" to a woman? Neither would be appropriate.
I don't typically find atheists reacting with anger Danny. This is precisely why there is no cohesive Atheist "movement". Do you have different experiences that you wish to share?
That's actually quite typical of people with anger problems. It's known as 'normalizing.' The person with the anger problem tries to say that everyone else has the same problem.


Is that like an individual claiming to be one of only a few that has "it" right accusing another of elitism, simply for using the word masses when referring to what the very same individual went on to describe as "shitloads of people"?
Alex: I didn't read your long diatribe, as I really don't have time for people whose obvious intent is attention-seeking behavior.

You should really print all this stuff out and make it available to your clients - they would appreciate knowing in advance. I mean you are bound by professional ethical standards as a therapist aren't you ?
Michael Howard: I don't typically find atheists reacting with anger Danny.

You either don't spend a lot of time here, or you don't follow many discussions.
It's hard to get ones tongue from his cheek to the keyboard without one of those silly smiley faces. Sorry Felch.
Felch fell into your sarchasm
[dusts himself off] *burp*. Guess I did.




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