Fox News = News to Dumbasses. A Sad Joke to those who can think rationally.

So often I wonder how such extremely delusional idiots like Todd Starnes who blames shootings on such things as lack of prayer in schools and abortion.

Then they often get views of even more idiotic pundits like Phil Robertson who has no idea of how governments, society or practically anything in reality works.

It's beyond me how any station can support such extreme lunatics and still be considered as a valid news service.

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Thing is, Fox News hasn't been considered "a valid news service" for at least the past 10-15 years, if not longer.  Its primary purpose, almost from the outset, was to be the propaganda arm of the Republican Party.  That goal might as well have been Roger Ailes' raison d'etre when it first hit the airwaves.

Watch the documentary, Outfoxed ... then you tell me.

Thanks Loren.
You are entirely correct, Fox News is indeed the media arm of the Republican party.

Which demonstrates clearly that the Republican party has moved a long way from reality.
Because there is definitely no journalism nor reality on Fox.


I will say this: Fox still has Shepard Smith as their primary news front man, and he is astonishingly credible, considering the rest of the Fox news organization (if I can call it that).  What keeps him there, though ... that's the real question mark.

Yes, as far as Fox News goes, Shep Smith is an oasis of rationality in a massive desert of stupidity and deliberate ignorance.


Though even Fox's Chris Wallace is copping flack from Fox viewers for doing reasonable journalism.
Fox viewers hate real journalism.
Evidently!    :-D~

The average IQ of Fox viewers is likely under 60.

Fox viewers may not understand how crazy born again evangelicals can be. If Fox were to criticize evangelicals it might upset other Christians in their audience. Religion is still a third rail in the mainstream media.


Yes Craig.
Especially in the Right Wing, Conservative echo chamber Fox tries to dominate.
On the Right Wing, loony evangelicals like Phil Robertson rule!


Rightly said. Fox never carries anything important and they might be why conservative talk radio tells how Ocasio-Cortez could not dance in college. I did not make that up. They actually seem concerned with this. 

Yes, now they are concerned with trivial matters like what AOC wears, eats and her mode of transport.
They never discuss policies, just irrelevant ad-hominem attacks.

Because they are scared of the progressive policies, since those policies are actually popular with Americans.
With over 70% support for their health-care proposals.

Fox and GOP have nothing to counter with.
Only lies / propaganda and personal attacks.

A workmate came in today and announced that they have AOC on some "dark money" donations that she is apparently against. His face just lit up with glee. My reply was that it sounds a lot like some of the stuff they are getting Trump on now doesn't it. He quickly says, "oh well, it's just politics." He knew not to go there with me. 

Even now as I write this they have agreed we have a catastrophe on our border. Too many illegals are crossing HS says. What is the crisis? Children separated from parents and no place to put the children. Trump and Weasel Miller will figure out how to word this yet. Trump supporters will agree Trump was right the whole time!

Why are citizens of the U.S. able to adopt refugee children without the consent of their parents. All the effort on the government's part should be to reunite families. This adoption facade reflects the horrid adoption scheme of Native American children without the consent of their parents. Have we not advance beyond this kind of criminal behavior?
DeVos should be charged with a crime and held accountable for her thefts. Do you remember the earthquake in Haiti of 2010 when children were airlifted out of their country and named "orphans?" They were adopted out without their parent's knowledge. The article goes on telling of other situations of kidnapping and adopting out children without parental consent.

Why do we think we have a right to "declare" a child an orphan, when in fact, they are refugees? Where and when did we lose our moral compass?





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