Fox News = News to Dumbasses. A Sad Joke to those who can think rationally.

So often I wonder how such extremely delusional idiots like Todd Starnes who blames shootings on such things as lack of prayer in schools and abortion.

Then they often get views of even more idiotic pundits like Phil Robertson who has no idea of how governments, society or practically anything in reality works.

It's beyond me how any station can support such extreme lunatics and still be considered as a valid news service.

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Trump's people have no idea who the parents of these children are or where to find them.
They took no records and are adopting them out to hide their criminal negligence. 

It may come back to bite them all when Trumpty Dumbty loses his presidency.

You mean faux news.

Let's not forget also that Fox and the GOP has some people laughing because they say that AOC wants to get rid of cattle. It seems that cattle fart and they produce methane. All mammals fart. Trump and his supporters are laughing and saying that you cannot have cattle any longer.  We can thank Faux Noise for this one too.

I'm so upset that I have said publicly that when they come to get my cows they will have to pry them out of my cold dead hands!




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