"Why does it seem like writing standards are low in the world of Christian fiction?" wrote my very Christian FB 'friend'

"Why does it seem like writing standards are low in the world of Christian fiction? There are amazing writers - like Ted Dekker, for instance - but then there are so many that are mediocre at best. Maybe my standards are too high?"

Thoughts? I don't tend to read much fiction my self at all, certainly NOT christian. I did read some of that horrible 'The Shack' once because I was in this stupid book club and everyone in it got to pick a book. I want to read those 'Left Behind' books just to see how ridiculous they are. Have you read them?

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I read Left Behind when i was pretty young, I forget why. It wasn't even that bad. I only read the first one though. Typical post apocalyptic except no zombies and crazy armies everywhere. The people left behind weren't evil or anything either, just regular peeps who didn't believe in Jesus.
oh, that is disappointing. I wanted some more religious drama.
Oh, from what I've heard from its TVTropes page, it's pretty bad.
I read that piece of crap "The Shack". Very typical bible tale where the good people are "tortured" by their decisions or for just being human and then the big kahuna says your sacrifice will save others whether you wanted to or not. Gee thanks! Oh btw your loved one is with me and all you have are the leftover bones.



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