i see there is "Black Freethought" as one of the groups listed on the main page. is there something different about black freethought as opposed to white freethought or just freethought without any race attached? would it be tolerated to post a "white freethought" or "caucasian freethought" group? this is sickening that this is allowed here.

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Precisely. I like your definition even better than the one I submitted. At least initially, we all tend to 'bunch up' based on surface information ie - demonstrate predjudices. When we rationalize this behavior, we move into bigotry. It is only when we formalize it and apply it as if it is true that it becomes racism. I do not like the way the word is misused because it tends to mislead and muddle 'community based on similarity' with 'righteous oppression' - which is ridiculous.
It's unfortunate that we still have to think in terms of skin color at times but some of us have to deal with that and if that means connecting with others in a group setting then I say go for it.
Obviously there is no need for a white freethought group seeing as there are no problems finding an array of white people almost anywhere you go these days, not to mention the history behind different races creates a problem here as well.

I see why you may be frustrated but it might be misdirected, I hate to think in terms of race too, I hate thinking that I'm seen as any different from someone else just because of our skin color, but I guess it's still the world we live in and we have to deal with it, at least for now. Lets just hope for a day when skin color is no longer an issue on this planet for anyone, where everyone is just of the human race, that would be awesome.
ooh I like this reply. It goes along with what I think pretty well. I hate looking at people and labeling them, their thoughts, or their groups based on skin color.

why can't we all just get past that?
In response to you and Lacey, you should not assume that many contributors to Black Freethought don't share the same interest in getting past all that. If only we could all get past what we should get past, but if others won't let us get past it; if it's a social reality that persists, then one deals with that reality . . . hopefully without turning it into an absolute. Integration is a two-way street. Actually, it's more than that, as it transforms the sense of reality and set of assumptions and self-concept of all who participate in it. all must be subject to critical scrutiny. The last thing I'm interested is in confirming people's sense of social identity just as it happens to be right now.
Hey, I can see why the group is needed. I'm glad there is a group for ex-mormons. It's good to belong to a group of people who understand where you are coming from. America is a different experience for people of color. I can respect that. I hope people don't mind if I lurk and learn.

I'm mostly caucasian. I'm about 1/16 black. I'm about 1/4 native american. I want to know more about what people of all races face, so I don't behave like an ass and add to the problems they have to deal with.
I agree with the OP.If there is a "Black Freethought"I can see no reason why there can not be a "White Freethought"
Well, maybe then we could finally hear the voices of white atheists, like Dawkins, and Harris. And that other guy. I've heard that they have something to say, so it's about time that we have a chance to hear about them. They have been ignored for too long!
Now, only if Fox News understood this...
Look - here's the issue with your stance. Officially, in France, 'race' is a construct - it has no meaning and, therefore, can play no role in the making of laws. As a result, for example, there are no laws protecting people from being descriminated against when they are looking to rent an apartment. Do you think that people aren't discriminated against when looking for an apartment?

Since bigotry is not only real, but the 'on the ground fact' is that we all tend to 'group up' with those who have a common experience, it is healthy to acknowledge the differences. I belong to groups that identify me as having ADD, an interest in science fiction, science, etc. If you don't think being black, in and of itself, identifies you as having a common experience to other people who are black - you are living on some other planet.

Also, racism is the application of power to exclude or oppress others based on visible genetic differences other than gender. Have you tried joining the "Black Freethought' group and been rejected because your skin is too white or your heritage too norther European?
in France ... for example, there are no laws protecting people from being descriminated against when they are looking to rent an apartment.

There's a more general law that applies in this case:

Loi n°90-615 du 13 juillet 1990 tendant à réprimer tout acte raciste, antisémite ou xénophobe

Article 1

Toute discrimination fondée sur l'appartenance ou la non-appartenance à une ethnie, une nation, une race ou une religion est interdite.
Nevertheless, bigots are able to hide in plain sight - so to speak - since the denial of the construct is a tacit denial of the bigotry based on that construct ... similar to the underlying thesis of this question.
Right. Absolutely.



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