i see there is "Black Freethought" as one of the groups listed on the main page. is there something different about black freethought as opposed to white freethought or just freethought without any race attached? would it be tolerated to post a "white freethought" or "caucasian freethought" group? this is sickening that this is allowed here.

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Basic translation for those who don't speak French - forgive me, my French is pretty awful too:

Any discrimination based on the membership or the non-membership of an ethnic group, a nation, a race or a religion is prohibited.
Ooops. Thanks, Krusty.
Ha ha - I speak French and just answered ... thanks for the translation. Very considerate.
My French is so bad that when I got into a cab at the Moulin Rouge and asked the driver to take me to St Germaine he turned around with a pained look on his face and said, "Please speak English!"
Lol - but if you had not attempted to speak French - he might have refused to speak English. lol.
It's not racist. To say your black if someone asks you and to not admit it would be complete BS. Same thing with the group. There is nothing EXCLUSIONARY about the group. I've never known the group not to admit members of races, and if they did would be the first of me hearing about it as I too am a member. The concept of race while not scientifically true, is true in more practical, dare I shutter to say human terms. But if it makes you feel any better the concept of race is BS, what people are really talking about is either skin color, or culture. There are many blacks for example, that do not share the same cultural aspects of blacks growing up in America. As well you have generational lines as well.
It exists probably for the same reason that specific groups exist for women, LGBTs, people in certain states/geographical regions, etc. If you're a member of a particular group, especially one that has been historically oppressed or otherwise left out of the mainstream, your experience can be somewhat different than that of others. Even in the world of freethought, sadly, old patterns can endure. After all, just look at the public face of our movement--a bunch of heterosexual white guys.

Is it any wonder people might enjoy specialized groups?
"IF anyone starts a White Freethought group" THis is the first moment that I thought this might actually happen. Actually, I doubt that it's being considered, and I don't think it would be approved. I hope that the A|N board is not so "free speech uber alles" that they approve such an atrocity. The idea that a website that is probably 95% white would need to set aside a "white space" is reactionary.

The original poster, after posting this divisive subject, now has not responded to the almost 100 comments.
I can understand your response, but if you think the OP was not a genuine atheist and only entered this forum in order to stir the pot and cause dissension in the ranks (something he clearly failed to do) I suggest you hit the "Report an Issue" link at the very bottom of this page and make your case to the moderators.

Everyone has been extremely moderate in their responses to date and I think, Skepticat, that your instincts are correct. But I know that Richard has been tested severely in trying to deal with those who exhibit trollish behaviour on Nexus when our own members respond to them in kind. How can he ban one and not the other?

I'm not suggesting what's been posted so far is an issue, but I wouldn't like to see it go any further. If you guys think the OP should not be welcomed here, please make your case through the proper channels rather than taunting him in the forums (as tempting as that may be).
Hey, wasn't suggesting you'd be banned for them Skepticat. Just taking pre-emptive action. ;-)
True - it's like saying the Harlem Renaissance was a 'racist movement.'




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