i see there is "Black Freethought" as one of the groups listed on the main page. is there something different about black freethought as opposed to white freethought or just freethought without any race attached? would it be tolerated to post a "white freethought" or "caucasian freethought" group? this is sickening that this is allowed here.

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It seems to me that the people who are still repeating the OP questions have either not read the thread

Way too common behavior, and one of my pet peeves with online discussion groups. Of course you can't expect people to read 10 pages of comments before jumping in, but with a bit of discipline from everyone it's likely these 10 pages wouldn't be here to start with.

It's a vicious circle. As well as a metaphor of human irrationality ;-)
Didn't someone already make this point? ;^)
Hehe. It's well possible I missed a couple posts in this thread. 8-|
This is a group for ALL interested in the subject of black atheism, free-thought, & humanism. "Black" pertains to all people of African descent.

This is all there is in the group's about segment. That means white folks can join so there is no actual exclusion making the complaint irrelevant and in accurate. They don't even check race cards before you join.
My experience has been that race, like gender etc. is more about how others treat you and how that shapes your experience. Just because it shouldn't matter, does not mean it doesn't matter.
An example, parable if you will. A friend of mine was staying with us during the 2008 election and got a text from another friend "If Obama doesn't win smack the first white person you see" (it was a joke, please let us not get excited, JOKE) My first response was, I hope Jaime wakes up before me then it dawned on me "Damn it, I'm the only white person in the house"
The point is, yes when with those we love we are just us, but as soon as we open the 'door' to the world we are who everyone else sees too.
Sickening? What?
Man, it is a fact that different races/ethnic groups have experiences unique and specific to that particular group. There would be nothing wrong with a "white freethought" group and no one would have a problem with it unless it were some sort of white supremacist group or somesuch nonsense. Though, personally, I don't know if why a "white freethought" group would even be considered since atheism, as a movement seems to be dominated by white men. It therefore makes sense for there to be a black freethought group or a woman's group or what have you.
Sheesh, dude. Carry that somewhere else.
Hey - it takes almost 8,000 years of sunny heritage to evolve a high rate of pre-tanned children. You can't just buy melanin. Jeesh! :^D (P.S. I'm a pre-tanned child - but not of African descent)
We call Australia's indigenous people, indigenous, Aboriginal (or Aborigines), Kooris or Murris (depending where they are from) but never blacks. As my best mate, an Aboriginal elder explained to me, we can call each other 'black', but you can't. I respect that, because white Australians used the term for so long in a derogatory manner.
Ok, I read most of the posts here but not ALL so forgive me if my point is redundant. Seems to me that most times there is a "black" group, it is to make minorities feel welcome and give them a chance to get in touch with others who may share their background/culture and how the topic at hand applies within that framework whereas when a group labels itself as a "white" group, it usually means all others are unwelcome That is why Black Freethought is not offensive to me. They are trying to help people, not exclude the "other".
I thoroughly agree with Jill. I see that there could be a distinction between a white and black freethinker, but I think that it's a cultural dichotomy not a racial one. There is one human race- just one. Yes we all look different, yes we come from different cultures and thus sound and act differently but anyone suggesting that there are any true differences between us is toting a racist thought process.

BET is the best example of an unnecessary racist organization. The title says, "This is what entertains black people." Apparently all black people enjoy rap and R&B and movies that feature black actors like the Matrix. I cannot even begin to to explain why this is a ridiculously racist line of thinking. Granted it's not greatly harmful but it is still ignorant. I mean would it makes sense for there to be a WET channel that plays nothing but country western, death metal, and Blazing Saddles because that's what entertains white people? Of course it wouldn't and the answer is the same regardless of the "color scheme."

Would it be so bad or difficult to give them names with some kind of cultural representation that has nothing to do with race? Why is it necessary for so many people to draw these big lines between each other (that's your people's side, this is my people's side)? Why is it acceptable for some to develope a total ideology based off of an ill conceived notion of race? Are we really so different at all? If we are so different (indeed different races) then why do we find each other attractive and why are we genetically compatable with each other?

I think if people want to be treated the same that they have to stop acting like they are so different. Don't misunderstand me, that unequivically goes for Humans of every color. This tendancy to say "we are better at this" or "we like this, you all don't" is a supremicist's attempt to establish a unique identity for themselves and others that they describe as "like themselves."
Who says that subscribers to Black Freethought think that people are so different? I certainly don't think so. If anything, it's an occasion to demystify difference, and to bring out differences within demographic groups obscured by the assumption of group uniformity.
If you notice the black freethought group doesn't exclude anyone, including whites, it says it welcomes all. (I am not black, but not offended by the idea of a group of people who have had vastly different history and life experiences and want to chat with others who have gone through similar experiences. Now, when history is included in the questioning of a black freethought group, one ought remember how many times people of black heritage have been excluded throughout time from groups to the point that perhaps they are unsure of acceptance into many groups.
Ok, it got a little off subject here. Basically, we have Black Freethought because we are currently underrepresented in the movement. Part of that is that many Black people feel comfortable and connected to people who share similar cultural beliefs. Many of us are not that comfortable being around white people. Let's be honest, some black people only encounter white people in the justice system. So, we have to work on that. Plus, there is nothing wrong with having pride in who we are. You don't need a white freethought group because you have a range of atheists to choose from. From Dawkins to Vonnegut. But name some Black Freethinkers? Some people can't. So, we need to educate. The best way to do that? Showcase that Black Atheists exist. Then we can talk about the Humanist movement as a whole.




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