i see there is "Black Freethought" as one of the groups listed on the main page. is there something different about black freethought as opposed to white freethought or just freethought without any race attached? would it be tolerated to post a "white freethought" or "caucasian freethought" group? this is sickening that this is allowed here.

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I don't have a problem with a black atheist group, and don't see it as racist.

But in general, do you think reverse racism doesn't exist?
The Meag,
Thank you for bringing to my mind that "the reverse of racism is tolerance". I'ved never looked at it that way before. We could also say, "the opposite of sexism is fairness" or something similar. It's a great way to think about the words and concept.
To me the idea of reverse racism shows that most white people think they're immune from racism or somehow "above" negative sterotypes. I'd even go as far as to say the concept of reverse racism implies that white people are the only "good people" in society. It's an awkward, ugly concept.
Reverse racism is a term used primarily by white people to describe discrimination (or percieved discrimination) against them by other groups, in this case blacks. In order for racism to go in "reverse" there has to be a "forward." The forward or regular racism, in the white person's mind, is a white person discriminating against blacks/hispanics/Asians/Jews/ect.

It's like saying, "Hey, you can't do that! You're not allowed to make racist remarks about white people! That's not how racism works!"
I like that a little better, the idea of a mosaic rather than a melting pot. I don't think America stands up to it's own metaphor very well. We're more like a tossed salad.
One of my favorite things I ever read about the so-called melting pot is that the people at the bottom get burned, and all the scum rises to the top.
hahaha nice one, Grundgee!
Please elaborate and clarify. Are you indicating that the presence of "Black Freethought" without the dual presence of "White Freethought" is an "upper hand?"
The childishness of this argument, which runs parallel to the argument for "White pride", is truly disgusting. And this business about mosaic vs melting pot is irrelevant to the discussion, as well as overly simplistic as a schematic for American culture today. Black freethought does not seek to preserve any particular cultural distinctiveness; it simply addresses the de facto social differentiation that has a history and persists. If you really want an integrated society as I do, and aren't just talking shit, then you must recognize the actual differences that exist, not as absolutes, fixed for all time, but as a social reality that must be grappled with. You really need to grow up.
um... I don't understand all of this =(

how does being the minority change anything???

Christians aren't tolerant of me, I'm not tolerant of them... what's the difference?

Why isn't racism-back being racist still?

ok... here's how I'm confused. The white supremicist majority does hate crimes on the black minority. If the black minority does hate crimes back out of hatred and not protesting, does that mean that they're anti-racist then?

all this "no minority racism" just makes no sense to me. I'm not saying that's what's going on here per se, but how can you say it doesn't exist?
Racism is racism no matter the source. The only difference between minority racism and white racism is that when the minority says something screwed up, it doesn't matter and can be laughed off (in most circumstances) - after all, they don't have power anyway. It's like being placed in a headlock and trying to kick the person that has you - worthless.

It's not immediately related to the OP's question. Have you looked at any of the Black Freethought discussions at all?
ok, well I get that... didn't seem like what they were talking about though... oh well. I'm good with that explanation.

I've been in one. It didn't have anything to do with being black though... I think it was about ghosts or something... I know that it was just a normal free thought exercise though.




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